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The Chain: The gripping, unique, must-read thriller of the year

Adrian McKinty Ý 3 free ead

After waiting uiet impatiently for this book to land in my letterbox I must say I was utterly disappointed Not only did *I find the first chapters tedious and boring I wanted to ead a McKinty book *find the first chapters tedious and boring I wanted to ead a McKinty book do love the Sean Duffy series but the layout of the whole story Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris reminded me to something written by Karin Slaughter or theecent ones of Stephen King The Institute Even though the story takes up speed and is of course becoming so thrilling that I had to finish The Book In 24 book in 24 it The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education remained inconvincing to me I find it not well thought out somehow incomplete and if it is okay to say so too much all american for my liking I love it Grippingight from the beginning I finished it in a few days It had me on the end of my seat Fresh compelling You won t egret I love this author I inhaled all six of his Sean Duffy novels within a couple of weeks So brilliant so distinctive so well plotted so full of learning and beautiful writing so movingThis is NOTHING like those The first half is tedious in the extreme you already know the basic premise of the plot from the dust jacket or the blurb on and the first half of the book is a duly ghastly drawn out narrative of and the first half of the book is a duly ghastly drawn out narrative of family s hideous experience of the chain You know what s going to happen from the start and it does Very slowly It s boring as hellThe second half of the book then concerns the main protagonist s attempt to unravel the chain This part feels ushed and full of implausibilities even given the enitrely implausible central conceit The big twist such as it is is introduced very late then telegraphed a mile in advance before the author himself prematurely gives it up just a couple of chapters later There s no suspense It s a poor old predictable potboiler in the vein of a sub substandard Stephen King thriller Absolute tripe Sooooooo disappointed Just cannot fathom how an author can go from the Duffy novels A to this C minus tosh in a misguided attempt to go mainstream It actually makes me sad Adrian please go back to doing what you The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism re very very good at and stop trying to be Stephen King I haveead many disappointing books in my time but this is the absolute worst It is not just idiculously far fetched but the characters are eually idiculous being superficial stereotypes of the highest order The entire novel is dreadful but the ending is so lazy that it seems the author had backed himself into a corner and could not be bothered coming up with anything A Kangaroo's Life remotely feasible It must be said that this dire ending almost makes theest of the book seem bearable. A heart stopping oller coaster DAILY MAILThe book everyone is talking about MIRRORA blazing full tilt thriller that entirely justifies the hype GUARDIANYOUR PHONE RINGSA STRANGER HAS KIDNAPPED YOUR CHILDTO FREE THEM YOU MUST ABDUCT SOMEONE ELSES CHILDYOUR CHILD WILL BE RELEASED WHEN YOUR VICTIMS PARENTS KIDNAP ANOTHER CHILDIF ANY OF THESE THINGS DONT HAPPENYOUR CHILD WILL BE KILLEDVICTIM SURVIVOR ABDUCTOR CRIMINALYOU WILL BECOME EACH ONE YOU ARE NOW PART OF THE CHAIN Scary plausible grippingIAN RANKINYo. By comparisonPlease do not waste your hard earned money on this lazy contrived excuse for a storyI am appalled at the good eviews especially Ian Rankin whose books I enjoy enormously I have one thing to add Et Tu IanI would not in conscience Filosofía e inmanencia recommend the book to anybody and I am so furious I fell for the publicity and wasted time and money on such over hyped nonsense Do these people whoecommend this type of tripe actually The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life read the books at allAvoid like the plague caveat emptor The Chain trifft in die Magengrube Das gilt f die gebeutelte Heldin und f alle Leser die selbst Kinder haben Die Story vom Zwang fremde Kinder zu entf hren um das eigene zu etten tr gt aber leider nicht weit Bauchschmerzen hat mir aber dann doch eher die viel zu gehaltlose Kost bereitet die McKinty uns da auftutNachdem man den Kniff schnell verstanden hat breitet McKinty ein allzu bekanntes Flickwerk pauschaler Elemente aus dem Thriller Baukasten aus Drogens chtiger Ex Veteran samt Deerhunter Szene krebskranke Mutter nebst ollem Volvo m derische Zwillinge aus der LSD verseuchten Hippie Community Hacker Angriffe und verr ckte Comutergenies Das ist nichts neues auch wenn McKinty es sch n verpacktWer alles *Von McKinty Liest Wird *McKinty liest wird The nicht haltmachen noch nichts von McKinty kennt sollte mit der Reihe um Sean Duffy oder der Trilogie Michael Forsythe starten Was mich verbl fft hat aber sehr freut ist der gro e Erfolg der sich wohl erst jetzt f McKinty einstellt Das hat er verdient Ich hoffe nur dass genug Menschen seinen anderen B chern nun auch zum Erfolg verhelfen Dann kn pft er vielleicht daran wieder an Super Idee f einen Thriller Sehr mitrei end Ich habe das Buch trotz 3 Kindern in wenigen Tagen gelesen Was lese ich jetzt nur im Anschluss was da mithalten k nnte I ve loved the author s Belfast novels soon please and so I approached this foray into the USA with hope for a great ead That was heightened by the enormous praise given in the early pages of the ebook by practitioners of the trade whose works I greatly admireSadly I was brought down to earth The plot device is very clever But the tale is sloppily told and there is too much suspension of disbelief euired Worse from about three uarters of t Adrian McKinty is brilliant His Sean Duffy thrillers set in Northern Ireland always deserved to be much successful than they were This book set in America will probably do it for him in terms of sales I hope it does but for me it seemed manufactured uite clunky and lacking in the usual McKinty ver. Ull miss meals sleep and your stop on the bus guaranteedVAL McDERMIDI writhed with the pain of withdrawal when I finished it Deserves to be the popular hit of the yearDAILY TELEGRAPHIncredibly propulsive and original You wont shake it for a long timeSTEPHEN KINGA masterpiece You will never be able to forget itDON WINSLOWA uniue and unforgettable thriller Breath taking breakneck brilliantMARK BILLINGHAMStriking memorable should be savouredTANA FRENCHExplosively brilliant Genuinely unputdownable Terribly Ve and cleverness until the latter part when it did at least become as gripping as all the fellow thriller writers uoted on the jacket say it is If you are new to McKinty and like this then I urge you to Lassie Come-Home read his earlier Sean Duffy novels they are so much better not least because they are so believable I got the The Chain as a galley and I must say it was a surprise Adrian McKinty announced this standalone novel as something wicked and the storyeally is wicked and very different from all the previous ones However we meet some places which are familiar from The death yard Newburyport and Plum IslandAnd *Of Course We Find References *course we find eferences Ballard Kierkegaard Novalis and to good old Bow Whisky like in the Duffy SeriesAlthough The Chain is on a topic which usually is not my cup of tea I don t know which magic McKinty uses after the first couple of pages it took to get into the story I liked it If like is the ight word here This is not a nice story not a simple story It is a story of utter fear and desperation of people who are all of a sudden cast in an extreme situation a tragical dilemma in an Aristotelian way where whatever you can do is wrong and puts guilt on you It aisins some very fundamental uestions How far would you go to save your loved ones Is crime in the intent or in the deed itselfHalf through the book you think the story has come to a conclusion but that is where it only eally starts and from there it develops into a furious showdown and a satisfying finaleAll in all this book proves how versatile and multi faceted McKinty s talent is I strongly ecommend it and I hope it will get the success it deserves Manchmal musste ich das Buch weg legen um kurz Luft zu holen weil ich die Spannung nicht mehr ertragen konnteEin gro artiger Thriller vom besten Krimiautor in englischer Sprache Dieses Buch hat mich von Beginn an gefesselt Oh I so wanted to give this 5 I m such a huge fan of McKintyYes it s a cracking ead Yes it ll make a great film in the ight hands Yes it will bring McKinty into the spotlight But and it s a BIG but for me it could have been written by anyone and set anywhere whereas his other novels are so distinctive *in voice place tone and the characters are eal originals with heart and soulThat said The * voice place tone and the characters are eal originals with heart and soulThat said The is fast paced and keeps you hanging in there Would I ead it a second time No and I ll probably pass it on to a friend telling him it s a perfect holiday Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, read However he s not getting his hands on my other McKinty books I m going to bee Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter reading them He can go and buy his ow. LausibleOBSERVERI may notead a better thriller in my lifetimeSTEVE CAVANAGH An electrifying thriller one of the very best of its kindFIONA CUMMINSWhat a fantastic idea and perfectly written Im uite jealousANTHONY HOROWITZTerrifying TerrificMICK HERRONTHE CHAIN does for parenting what Gone Girl did for marriage A must Chinaberries and Crows read thrillerJAMES SWALLOWDiabolical unnervingelentlessDENNIS LEHANEUtterly brilliantELLY GRIFFITHSA THRILLER OF THE YEAR SELECTION FORGUARDIANDAILY TELEGRAPHEXPRESSOBSERVERTIME MAGAZINE.

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