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Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine

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Love it great history and a great find I grew up in that town many generations of my family worked there Congratulations to Ciaran Reilly for his new book on the Mahon archive at Strokestown We in the Ballykilcline Society have been waiting for it for years and are very grateful that the Mahon ecords are being catalogued analyzed and will be made accessible eventually to the public Our members may find their ancestors listed in these The Back House Ghosts records onent Haven: A Graphic Novel rolls eviction lists and accounts of those whoeceived Physical Basis of the Direction of Time, The. the Frontiers Collection. reliefThis book is very well done by both the author and the publisher Reilly examines many documents from the Mahon estate in the 1840s and 1850s and draws some conclusions th. The Strokestown Park Archive is one of the largest estate collections in existence in Ireland with than 50000 documents comprisingentals leases accounts correspondence maps drawings architectural plans and photographs Of particular importance are the papers that The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction relate to the Great Irish Famine This book introduces theeader to the archive and provides an microscopic insight into the many and varied experiences of Famine for those who inhabited the estate in the 1840s Documents from the archive many of which have not seen the light of day since they were generated almost 170 years Ago Illuminate The Text illuminate the text provide the eader with a "Uniue Into Famine "insight into Famine Although the 1990s and later witnessed an outpouring of scholarly work the Great Famine to commemorate .
At further explain the effects and outcomes of Europe s worst 19th century social catastrophe by examining one locality and one estate In Detail His Presentation Is detail His presentation is ichly layered story Surely what he tells us was eplicated to various degrees in other areas as well What he tells us also alters some of the traditional stories and viewpointsFour Courts Press to their credit an pictures of the original documents large enough for "The Reader To Read Them And Reilly Larded The Text "reader to ead them And Reilly larded the text images of them and captions that explain their significance He lets us see the ecord on which his analysis is based Now it is up to others to do the same in their localities if similar The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark records exist. He sesuicentenary only a handful of studies examined the impact of Famine on individual landed estates In the social memory of the Great Famine at Strokestown the assisted emigration of 1490 people to Canada the murder of Major Denis Mahon in 1847 and the subseuent clearance of as many as 3000 tenants from the estate between 1848 to 1851 predominates While it is certainly true that the emigration schemes and the clearances caused considerable unrest which contributed to the murder of Denis Mahon social memory if left untested can hide many other complexities of the Famine The existence of the Strokestown Famine archive highlights that there are still major uestions to be answered inelation to the greatest social calamity
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Let the historical documents speakReilly follows some of the local evictees to the US and Canada tracing their personal histories after their horrific times around stricken Strokestown in famine time It is a goal we share and have pursued for yearsMoreover the author explains the Famine Museum s history and goals Many thanks We look forward to the next take from these ecords and hope it will include the period from 1793 to 1834 when Ballykilcline was leased to the Mahon family This archive is an international treasure We appreciate Reilly s work on it and the Famine Museum s ole in preserving the ecords and making them accessibleMary Lee Dunn Maguire The Ballykilcline Society. D effective were local efforts to alleviate the plight of the impoverished How did the local community Einatmen, Ausatmen react to the clearance of thousands of people Who benefited from these clearances How did those who emigrated fare in theireceiving communities This book offers answers to some of these crucial uestions The value of any historical account arises not only from its veracity detail and clear delivery but also from its engaging presentation; this book delivers it all Ciarán Reilly provides astounding insights into the lives of landless laborers And Their Families Just Before their families just before during the horrific Great Famine Of particular note is the volume of old photos illustrations documents "And Drawings That Grace "drawings that grace pages The Celtic Connection June 2015 Subject History Irish Studi. .