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This uthoritative Apple Certified training course is designed both for professionals who support Apple computers s well s Mac enthusiasts who want to upgrade service or troubleshoot their favorite machines Fully revised this second edition covers Apple's new models including the popular Mac mini favorite machines Fully revised this second edition covers Apple's new models including the popular Mac mini the iMac G5 Keyed to the learning objectives of the Apple Desktop Service nd Apple Portable Service certification exams this is the companion CURRICULUM USED IN APPLECARE TECHNICIAN TRAINING COURSES WORLDWIDE THE used in AppleCare Technician Training courses worldwide The starts out with basic computer theory nd underl. Ying technologies then moves on To Cover Everything From Networking cover everything from networking hardware Specifications To Displays And to displays The Little World of Liz Climo 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar and drives plus the nitty gritty stepsnd diagrams for upgrading nd troubleshooting six sample computer models o Detailed take APART AND UPGRADE PROCEDURES FOR THE and upgrade procedures for the mini eMac iMac G5 PowerMac G5 iBook G4 nd PowerBook G4 o CD ROM includes six complete service manuals plus utilities Arcadia and diagnostic tools o Diagramsnd step by step instructions help you master techniues fast o Lesson goals nd time estimates help you plan your time o Chapter revie. ,
W tests summarize what you've learned The Apple Training Series is both
self paced learning 
paced learning nd the companion curriculum for the AppleCare Technician Training nd Apple Customer Training programs Upon completing the course material in this book you can become Chart Throb an Apple Certified Technician by passing the Apple Desktop Servicend Apple Portable Service exams You can work through book Another Kyoto as self paced course enroll in the online AppleCare Technician Training program or Sherlock Holmes at the Raffles Hotel (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) attend class Cornered atn Authorized Training Center To learn go to wwwapplecomtraining.

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