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Tough to Tame

Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Diana Palmer

Lling andor critically anachronistic but not boringLuckily the bad guy up in time and lies to the stupid and gullible H that the heroine is a lying shows up time and lies to the stupid and gullible H that the heroine is a lying digger that set the rapey bad guy to prison and then the bad guy and his cronies beat up the paraplegic brother Finally some action and how sad is thatRaised a star because the heroine does not accept the H s haunted guilt ridden da Enjoyable This story has well defined characters and an interesting if predictable plot The characters carried the story even when the author umped around among their points of view That flaw is why I couldn t rank this book higher During one three way conversation I was forced to back track than ONCE TO FIND OUT WHO WAS to find out who was and feeling or seeing at any given moment Diana Palmer is a well respected authorshe should be much better than muddy point of view issues The ranking is for the characters and the story not for the editing or writing skill level in this novel It is worth the readjust suspend your literary expectations I ve been a hugHUGE fan of Diana Palmer for years when I started reading her long Tall Texan series and it really hurts me to be as blunt as I m about to be THIS BOOK WAS SO BORING I WAS HAPPY TO SEE IT END The HALO references were ust not needed and the story was ust boring it s like she s lost her spark maybe she should write christian romance I miss the Passion in her older booksI miss a lot really from this author reallyREALLY This was ok but not great Bentley wasn t uite the ass he was in earlier books however he did have a wonderfully John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, jerk moment Perhaps he had his reasons but I didn t buy themThe ping pong conversation my new favorite saying was a bit much in this one The camradarie felt forced in this book Itust didn t feel natural to me and it took away from enjoying the bookI honestly don t recall DP books being so PG perhaps even G rated Goodness Even after they re married the bedroom door is closedAnyway this is a so so book and I would only recommend it if you want to keep on the series to read later books I have to start by saying I am a devoted DP fan All her books are on my keeper shelfThis one was a huge disappointment to me The dialogue was silly and dated There was no real conflict other than a nasty ex boyfriend and no chemistry or sexual tension between the Cappie and Bentley Usually I like to savor her books but I ust wanted this one to be overWhen I first bought it I thought it would be a good onea nice and lengthy addition to the series The main story is only 199 pages long The rest of this 377 page volume is a bonus book a reprint of 1984 s Passion FlowerHoping for a better experience with her next book Heroine is a vet assistant to the Ill tempered veterinarian from Heart of Stone She and her paralyzed brother have moved to Comanche Wells Jacobsville was. Welcomes you back to Jacobsville to become reacuainted with Bentley Rydel He lives hard and loves fiercely. Getting crowded into a home they inherited from a distant cousin We later find out that the house was owned by a mercenary who had no relatives and that heroine s brother was probably shot at doing mercenary work in Africa while posing as a ournalist Heroine s brother didn t have health insurance so they are now poorHero notices the heroine when her hair falls out of her ponytail while she talks back to him He is uickly smitten and they go out on several dates and bond over their love of pizza Chinese food and xboxThe heroine is a virgin with a past Her first boyfriend was violent and broke her arm after she refused to have sex with him Her brother was home at the time and Prevented Further Injury The Evil Bf Was Only Given 6 further injury The evil bf was only given 6 in prison and heroine is worried he ll try to retaliate when he s outThe black moment comes when the evil bf tells the hero that the heroine put him in prison on false charges and the hero believes him Hero breaks off their relationship because he thinks heroine will do the same thing to Him It S Breathtakingly StupidAlso It s breathtakingly stupidAlso stupid all of these professional mercenaries can t keep the heroine or her brother safe from the boy who broke her arm Even with two bodyguards the bf manages to hit heroine in the face so hard she has bruising for a week What But evil bf did move the shrapnel in the brother s spine when he pulled him out of the wheelchair to beat him up That meant brother could have surgery and by the HEA he can walk again So there s that I regret to report that the Harleuin Romance line isn t doing DP any favors imo There are Harleuin Romance line isn t doing DP any favors imo There are any love scenes and the sex scenes are fade to black something she never did even in her earliest stories She uses up word count with dumb banter about Xbox games and what all the other mercenaries are doing these days She still has her Jacobsville setting with its grandiose amenities but they have lost the weird specificity that made them fun Now it s department store without a name Lazy New editorial guidelines The short word count doesn t fit the sprawl DP has created in the series There are too many seuel characters The romance doesn t feel front and center Even the heroine doesn t feel front and center The continuity isn t there The mystery that needed to be solved from The Maverick isn t mentioned in this book but will be included in the next story I m starting to miss biscuit talkDiana Palmer checklist Hairy chest 1 paltry mentionBreast Description Small and firmCigarettesNoAlcohol NoTown Descriptions Chinese restaurant fast food hamburger place pizza place Department store Game store at the strip mall A carnival comes to townGardenia Scent NoCutesy detail Conversation between one of the future heroes and the games store manager about Scottish history DP hobbyhorse Health insurance and health care is too expensive. But sometimes it takes the right woman to make a man a hero This rugged Texan is going to be Tough to Tame. Cappie Drake works for Dr Bentley Rydel one of Jacobsville s vets He is a hard man and gruff as the day is long Cappie has had a bad experience with a man and left her home town to get away from a bad experience with a man and left her home town to get away from and Bentley slowly get to know one another when her past comes blasting in to freeze over the budding romanceIn typical fashion Ms Palmer s hero pushes away the heroine only to realize he was wrong uick read and one that I liked I would like to know about Cappie s brother Kell and am wondering if there is about Cappie s brother Kell and am wondering if there is story about him He is a character with a story to tell you Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. just can t help but fall in love with these men Diana Palmer had a lot to say in this book about medicalinsurance benefits domestic violence and theudicial system the HALO game highlights from the other books in the series etc There were some good moments the obligatory nasty misunderstanding the obligatory virginal heroine I DO NOT MIND THIS BTW I WISH I HAD BEEN ABLE TO GIFT MY DH WITH THE SAME mercenaries
etcYou ll notice that I t spoken much about the main characters Bentley and Cappie We really didn t start getting to know these characters to appreciate them to cheer for them as a couple until well into the book Their courtship was fast almost comical in its intensity at times and Black Women in White America A Documentary History just a bit MEH for me It is sad because there was a strong positive message and warning for some about physical abuse and the healing process about taking care of I enjoyed this one when I read it under the original title Tough to TameNothing has changed that I could tell Bently and Cappie Well not my fave by this author but still entertaining Bently is one of Ms Palmer s milder heroes until he pulls a completely delicious asshat move 23 into the story Way over the topCappie is an assistant at Bently s vet practice Unlike the usual formula she isn t attracted to him at first but even kind of afraid of him This is partly due to a terrible experience she had from her ex boyfriend Frank Slowly Bently becomes aware of Cappie and finds himself wanting to get closer to her The whole town is a witness because it is so unusual for Bently who is a known woman hater and a terrible curmudgeon Everything is going smoothly and he seems to be on the cusp of proposing when Frank gets out ofail Then Bently becomes an over the top ahole By the time he learns he was wrong Cappie is long gone The rest of the book is wonderful grovelling and trying to save Cappie from her evil exThis book was a bit preachier than usual you know how DP likes to moralize about stuff But I ust kinda closed one ear when she had a character go off about this or that injustice I listened to it on audio and uite enjoyed it s fluffy goodness It s not really a 4 star but I enjoyed it overall that much I never thought I would DNF a DP for being boring Aggravating infuriating eye ro. A spellbinding new installment in the Long Tall Texan series New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer. ,
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