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Mes along and tries to rob him Instead of just Taking A Beating Like A Man The Dead Beat Dad a beating like a man the dead beat Dad his Daughter in return He GIVES AWAY HIS DAUGHTER Ack We get to witness the Daughter Lindy and our beast who has now renamed himself Adrian grow to become friends and possibly ven love Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 each other Will she be the one to break the curse Is it to lateAt First I was a little thrown off by the Chat s but they grew on me A little Cheesy at times but it wasn t a huge part of the story it didn t make or break anything I am uberxcited to see the Movie Here s the trailer image rror So this book has been around for awhile and my sister actually Had Read It When It First Came Out And When read it when it first came out and when asked her how she liked it she said It was interesting but kind of cheesy with the internal dialogue It was h But then I saw the movie trailer so of course I had to read the book and see what the deal was This always happen to me I think It s going to be made into a movie Oh I gotta read that Then I whip my head around and see I do the same thing like veryone lse Final verdict I m definitely romantic than my sister isKyle Kingsbury seems to have Wicked Loving Lies everything and anything you would want He s good looking dad is loaded and isnvied by his peers With his sense of La heredera del mar entitlement he doesn t mind gloating and shining hisgo on others and he might as well crush other people s self steem while he s at it Well karma or in this case magic will not let him get away so asily with that He makes the mistake of blowing a girl off and pays dearly for that mistake Kyle gets turned into an actual beast and he has two years from the date to find true love Someone has to love him and importantly he has to love them back But is there anyone really out there who can love a beastNo wonder Kendra the witch who places the curse gave him two years because Kyle has a lot of things to sort through He reacts how you would xpect devastated I would be pretty bummed too veryone is at least a little vain and he has to figure out who he is without his looks He had wrapped up his worth with his appearance and so it comes as uite a shock when that s stripped from him I loved the side characters of the blind tutor and housekeeper They keep him from going insane I njoyed seeing Kyle s character arc who later renames himself Adrian and just how much his perspective shifts I wish I had copied down the uote but I really liked the line that Lindy says The basic gist was that once you know someone you see past their looks It s like their looks is not what you first see it s who they are that comes out I believe that s true You do start seeing people for who they are and not what they look like Key message in this bookIt was a bit painful to see how out of touch Kyle was but it does portray his desperation well I rolled my yes a couple of times when I saw references to Shakespeare but people who read books love to hear about people who love to read books Jane Eyre makes uite a presence here as well and I thought the loose correlation between the two stories was interesting Despite a bit of cheesiness I thoroughly njoyed reading how Kyle changes to Adrian and how beauty is than skin deepExtra note I thoroughly njoyed reading how Kyle changes to Adrian and how beauty is than skin deepExtra note has almost nothing to do with the book but Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) every time I would see the word beastly I would think about how for awhile people would say that to substitute cool or awesome You know like say this book was beastly And for those of you who didn t know they made a movie of the book Kyle Kingsbury is rich tall blond perfect and a spoiled teenager that take pleasure breaking young girls hearts Really a awful person that deserve a witch lesson about inside beautyWell booksxist to this motive take us to charming and delight worlds helping us to forget the real world we live place that acclaim anorexic models that look like dead womans walking as feminine beauty to follow No place to moral lesson so going on with my review I may say that this book as you notice reading the title is a fairy tale on ours moderns days You should read it YES if you are a romantic person interesting E place is New York City The time is now It's no deformity no disease And I'll stay this way forever ruined unless I can break the spellYes the spell the one the witch in my English class cast on me Why did she turn me into a ,

It s hard to feel interest in characters who are so shallow and dull An interesting concept but a book lacking in any real depth or beauty or motion Beauty shallow and dull An interesting concept but a book lacking in any real depth or beauty or motion Beauty the Beast has always been a favorite fairy tale for me Therefore reading this had me uite xciting Beast has always been a favorite fairy tale for me Therefore reading this had me uite xciting had already seen the movie and One Wild Weekend enjoyed it and I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about the book This retelling takes place in a modern day world and starts with our Beast Kyle A rich spoiled popular pretty boy who seems to have it all When he plays a prank on the wrong girl he is cursed into a beast and we uickly learn this guy had nothing beyond his looks and money He is moved to a private apartment hidden away from the rest of the world While at first he comes off as selfish and shallow and in many ways is it is uick to learn where his habits come from His desire to change and grow after awhile impresses me Especially his love toward his gardenI was surprised to find myself so sympathetic to Kyle At first I wasn t but how his dad behaves was crushing to witness His friends were no surprise I wish I better understood his interest in Linda though Like we never get a good feel for why he likes her Is it just that she is his age and treats him like a typical human HmmmOne huge difference between the book and the movie is that in the book he is truly a beast hair claws snouttc yet the movie adds hair loss tattoos scars and metal grafting While I am okay with this difference I do not feel they should have EVER used the movie cover on the book Very misleadingOne annoyance in the book that bugged me the most was the chatroom stops throughout the book While amusing it doesn t fit Especially since they are not mentioned in Kyle s actual thought No reference to his chat with others about curses love Forgetful of Their Sex etc One reference to a chatroom but he never thinks about Silent or the others or seems to actually check back in with them And Getting Lindy to go along with it at one pointven off While the chats were somewhat amusing I overall though it to be a waste and took too much time from the real story Kyle really grew on me At first annoying but about halfway though we start to see that heart of gold shining through His caring for his companions to his love for his garden Heartwarming True to the tale we are stuck waiting until the last minute for any resolution to his curse Alex Finn did a great job keeping the the concept for the original tale and making it work in today s worldThis is a good book for teens and Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing evennjoyable for adults While the teen drama is a bit heavy at parts it soon dies off about 13 the WAY IN ANY FAIRY TALE FANS in Any fairy tale fans be sure to check this one out While there is room for improvement on the writing the story is sound So I am very VERY relieved that I F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby enjoyed this I was beginning to wonder if I just didn t like Fairy Tale Re tellings but this one pulled me out of the slump I am so glad that Alex Flinn stuck with the Beauty and the Beast story She made it modern but didn t change the BIG details Our Beast Kyle is a high schooler a very rich very good looking as he describes himself so obviously he s totally modest right one He values looks and money oververything He can t Walled (The Line, even look at Ugly people There are beneath him One day he messes up he invites a gothnon pretty Girl to a dance but he is tricking her All he wants to do is just laugh in her face Not such a nice guy But he screws himself over because she wants her comeuppance She s a witch she turns him into a Beast He loathes himself he thinks it is the worst possible thing that could havever happened But what do you Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany expect from the child of a TV News Dad who would rather risk his child s life than to have him looking like a monster a Dad who ships his kid of to a house to live alone with thexception of a maid and tutor He isolates his own child so he doesn t ffect his image Pathetic But our Beast has a possible out of his condition to find true love and have her kiss him true loves kiss He thinks it is impossible But circumstances fall to his advantage when a drug dealer co. I am a beastA beast Not uite wolf or bear gorilla or dog but a horrible new creature who walks upright a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from very pore I am a monsterYou think I'm talking fairy tales No way Th. .
N find a well written story that will make you cry a little tear go down my face reading his despair at the final subway scene NO if you don t believe in rewrite classicsI was the second kind of person but Alex Flinn surprised me After this book if I find another classic fairy tale take to ours days I ll give a try Maybe I ll have a great time and fun like I just had reading Beastly5 stars Just like with Nerve by Jeanne Ryan I feel there are too many below Average YA Books Around YA books around is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast The fact that I already knew the and the Beast The fact that I already knew the behind it had nothing to do with how boring this book was The characters were stereotypical and not worth remembering The story was boring and predictable Don t lose your time with it You know those rare special times when the movie is better n the book JACKPOT This is oneTo be honest the movie is way way better than this Yeah love may never be uglybut for sure this book is As much as I want to talk about how slow this book is and how incredibly boring and how you can t stand itI don t want to spoil anything CHEESY My advice to you is WATCH THE MOVIE Awesome cute story Enjoyed it wayy than the movie I wasn t xpecting The book gave depth to Kyle s character feelings perspective of things and how he saw the world than I thought possible and I m so glad for it because it made this an amazing storyI thought this would be a bit boring due to the fact that Kyle was a wealthy news anchor s son and also that ntailed him being snobbish rude selfish vain unfeeling and spoiled so overall a prick and so forth but it was an an intriguing well thought out book Lindy was the perfect heroine without Tempting Fate even knowing it or trying she was selfless kind considerate smart funny and beautiful inside and out She was the breath of fresh air that Kyle was unconsciously searching for she was his happilyver afteras corny as that may sound Turned out he no longer thought that looks were verything by the nd of his story as the beast lol Awesome short read Valuable life lesson One Giant Leap everything that shines is not all gold I did notxpect to like this book as much as I did It might Apocalyptic Cartography even be my favorite fairy tale retelling that I ve read so far Magic It was magic and the magic is called love Beastly is a heartwarming wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast It is a very delightful read with the chat sessions the modern day setting the wide range ofmotions lots of references to classics and tons of roses It is just perfect I xpected a fairy tale retold and I m not disappointedThe story deals with important issues such as inner values over appearance abandoned children parent child relationships friendship mpathy patience and love BeastNYC OK It all started because of a witch Froggie thts hw they all strt The story is told from Kyle s aka Adrian s point of view His character is credibly drawn Kyle has to reevaluate verything he thought to be right and worth following before his values and beliefs in life friendship love his relationship with his father and his attitude toward people as a WholeLindy Appears In The Middle appears in the middle the book She comes from terrible family circumstances She is a strong and courageous character she is smart and independent Lindy s character is not fully laborated so to understand her thoughts and feelings Lindy s Diary is highly recommendedIt is a slow paced read because the setting spans two years Although I usually don t I Heart and Soul / Almost Heaven enjoyedvery moment of that in this story There are no surprises in the plot but the hows are interestingThe book is filled with references to classics represented in an attractive way For xample Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront is a meaningful symbol in the book I liked when Rochester and Jane was separeted he went to the window and called her name Jane Jane Jane And she heard him and ven answered That s what love should be like the person should be part of your soul and you should know what they re feeling all the time I loved the movie too with all the changes compared to the book And of course the cast is amazing My favorite uotes. East who hides by day and prowls by night I'll tell you I'll tell you how I used to be Kyle Kingsbury the guy you wished you were with money perfect looks and the perfect life And then I'll tell you how I became perfectly beast. .

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