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Ok was a fucking obstacle Now I can share the way Don t bother Early in the book Holiday writes This is not a book of gushing hazy optimismThere will be no folksy saying or cute but utterly ineffectual proverbs He is partially right There aren t many folksy sayings but the next 200 pages features a mixture of ineffectual proverbs and utterly incomplete historical rehashes Holiday is an accomplished thinker and writer but this book will not give you a comprehensive insight into success or stoicism but rather a foolishly short sided view of the worldIf Holiday analyzed the European theatre of WW2 he would forget to mention America s supply chain advantages or Germany s lack of oil Instead he would focus on Eisenhower "S UNIUE ABILITY TO FIND THE "uniue ability to find the and see that the solution to the German strategy was found inside the strategy itselfThat is by the way almost xactly the childish and sophomoric analysis he provides The Curriculum School of Hard Knocks Highly Practical No Dr Phil s Hogwash or Powdery Puff like that of Eckhart Tolle A Largely Practical Self Help Book of Advice from the Ages for Those of Us Who have Come to Hate Contemporary Self Help BullshitI m not being coy when I say this should be reuired reading before being awarded a college diploma a synopsiscollection of philosophy from the Greeks to the leaders of today and inspiring stories of triumphs in the face of the trials of life It could be immensely helpful to the bright yed the bubbly the go getters t al in coping with the coming obstacles that will surely come hisher way some of which could Humanism even be so devastating that it shatters or seems to the personal myth most of us hold so tightly uponntering the working world a big house a perfect marriage 2 straight A kids and a well planned career you love and that makes you tons of money This is a new perspective coming from many different angles on turning obstacles over around and about into positives and maybe to a better way than that shattered myth of me I go back to this book often and always find a treasure I really need and that I d forgotten from my first readingThis is not a feel good power of positive thinking Dr Phil Hogslappery or Eckhart Tolle Powder of Now PufferyIt s real and it s really practical This isn t much than a superficial repackaging of stoicism combined with some semi interesting anecdotes practical This isn t much than a superficial repackaging of stoicism combined with some semi interesting anecdotes a whole lot of trite motivational affirmations The book is written in the style of Holiday s mentor Robert Greene but where Greene does something rare and surprising by compensating for his lack of personal Smokin' Hot experience This is an intelligent self help book packed withxamples from history of people who made it through adversity into greatness It also offers a system for approaching life as a average person turning obstacles into advantages and using relentless persistence to achieve what you want We all face obstacles in our lives what matters is how we perceive them and work with them to move on When we aim high pressure and stress obligingly come along for the ride so we have to find ways of dealing with them as well as the aspects of life that may blindside up with randomness Holiday uses Stoicism as a basis for the book but it s not a dry philosophy book by any means He makes the words from thousands of years ago Come Alive Through Modern Example alive through modern Placing Memory example someone who studied Greek and Latin at school I appreciated the 21st century take on the subject Through perception action and will we can achieve despite obstacles I particularly liked the chapter on amor fati love of fate I don t know Ryan Holiday but I heard of this book from Tim Ferriss and was intrigued by the description so I decided to dose myself in some stoicism Dynamite book I m glad I put the time in Holiday covers the topic well in a very accessible wa. Staat is de weg – kan toegepast worden oplk probleem Het is meer dan 2000 jaar geleden ontdekt n heeft sinds die tijd zijn ffectiviteit bewezen op slagvelden n board rooms Van het vermogen van Barack Obama om tegenslagen te overwinnen tijdens de verkiezingen tot het ontwerp van de iPhone dit inzicht maakt mensen onoverwinnelij. About as useful as starting with a list of amputees picking out Only The Successful Ones the successful ones their stories and then writing a book called Having a Limb Chopped Off is the Way Stoicism the ancient philosophy that teaches mental ndurance in the face of hardship Ryan Holiday Wanton Nights explores this outstanding philosophy and how it can help us in ourveryday lives in The Obstacle is the Way The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage So I flat out loved this book Stoicism to paraphrase Holiday is hard won wisdom forged in the crucible of human While My Soldier Serves experience and its lessons arenormously valuable In brief they are to do what is within our power and to accept what isn t to find the right action you must find the right perspective this is almost always to find the positive in verything that happens to us learn from mistakes failure is instructional not to get overwhelmed by the bigger picture to focus on the here and now and to persevere to be calm and resilient when faced with problems be objective before acting I was surprised to discover that a lot of ways of thinking I already use in my own life are traced back to Stoicism Maybe I liked this book so much because of bias confirmation Or maybe such ideas are ubiuitous because they make so much sense live ach day like it s your last don t worry about what others are doing and focus on yourself think positively ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe etc There s obviously but it comes down to it s all in your head And I couldn t agree with the idea that philosophy should be practical rather than the preserve of academics only interested in sniffingach other s farts The best thing about this very humanist worldview is that it spurs you on to be the best possible you who then goes on to do things rather than stagnate in fear depression sybaritic behaviours The Fiend Next Door etc Holiday relates these lessons through the lives of some of history s most famous adherents to the philosophy from the Ancients like Marcus Aurelius Seneca Epictetus and Demosthenes to the modern day like Tom Hanks Steve Jobs and Barack Obama I had no idea that former US presidents Andrew Johnson and James Garfield started their careers as a tailor and school janitor respectively but it makes where they got toventually all the impressive and they used stoicism to get themselves there I won t run through the list of other famous names and their stories or the nuanced takes on the philosophy here if you re interested read the book itself but suffice it to say that I njoyed it all The Obstacle is the Way is a fantastic overview of and introduction to a remarkable philosophy that has impressed itself on me completely genuinely helpful and inspiring stuff This is rocket fuel for the mind "This is a trite flippant book that does a great disservice to the deep philosophy "is a trite flippant book that does a great disservice to the deep philosophy the stoics Replete with references to tycoons and millionaires it is largely self help in perky upbeat you can do it rah rah language The ssential premise of stoicism that sometimes the only choice you have when you are faced with a dire situation is the attitude or philosophy of acceptance that you can bring to it has been warped into there is nothing பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் either good or bad but thinking makes it so Just because Hamlet makes this statement it doesn t mean that Shakespeare was a moral relativist or that he was advocating that we should be The hard things that happen in the world do not occur for our own personal growth and journeysRyan Holiday is apparently known for another popular work which some have found a bit chilling Trust Me I m Lying I didn t trust Holiday for a minute here with his Tony Robbins likexhortations and his superficial glossing over in chipper staccato prose of life s real hardships and injustices One s attitude and perception do need to be wrestled with in times of great pain and hardship but such The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 even. De grootse mannenn vrouwen in onze wereld hadden geen buitengewoon geluk of uitzonderlijke talenten A Meditation on Murder enrvaringen Het nige dat ze deden was leven volgens en Travis enkel principe ‘Dat wat in de weg staat wordt de weg’We geven te snel op Waterst onoverkomelijke obstakels leken kunnen met en simpele verandering unieke kansen worden. ,
Ts don t occur make us better peopleI do not recommend this formulaic piece of self help schlock Avoid it Great advice veryone overcome adversity Just do it For AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 example if you have a contract from Penguin to write a self help book but you have absolutely nothing to say don t fret This is an opportunity You interned for a guy who wrote an anecdote based guide to being powerful There s no need to reinvent the wheel Lay down that same trackAside from some of the facts within the actual anecdotes on which I don t trust he s done appropriate research sinceach of them are presented perfunctorily and The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? exclusively tovince his successful people habits and not to interject any complications of reality there is little in this book you couldn t get from Dove chocolate wrappers It s not bad advice just banal I would be shocked if Holiday a so called media manipulator put his heart into this drivel The pacing tone and almost computer generated writing give the ffect of a student trying to meet a page reuirement the night before a due date Here s a samplingNo one is saying you can t take a minute to think Dammit this sucks By all means vent Exhale Take stock Just don t take too long Because you have to get back to work Because ach obstacle we overcome makes us stronger for the next one ButNo No The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online excuses Noxceptions No way around it It s on youThis wouldn t be Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet especiallygregious if it weren t the whole book but it is That s it folks There s no point at which it transcends to advice that will move your life forward Flip to any page if it isn t an anecdote about how some famous person got famous by 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) exhibiting a given virtue it s just of this run on about how you have to find the way in which your obstacle is the way There are no specifics about howxactly one is supposed to tackle obstacles which is a ludicrously broad concept just droplets raining down from the Platonic form of Cant Rather than actionable instructions these platitudes are vast like the oceans They run into ach other have no discernible borders and are so huge as to be unwieldy so unwieldy as to be pointless The only real linkage here is the classical Stoic advice to maintain uanimity This could have Been Conveyed In A conveyed in a powerful way Like by the Stoics for Your Everyday Art World example He admits as much in the introThe book revolves around dozens of small unrelated and intellectually unlinked anecdotes Seemingly anyone who sver done something well is an Why Photography Matters example contradictions be damned The most hilarious thing is how poorly rendered Holiday s history is One can trace the thread of Stoicism from those days in the decline and fall of the Roman Empire to the creative outpouring of the Renaissance to the breakthroughs of the Enlightenment It s seen starkly in the pioneer spirit of the American West the perseverance of the Union cause during the Civil War and in the bustle of the Industrial Revolution It appeared again in the bravery of the leaders of the civil rights movement and stood tall in the prison camps of Vietnam And today it surges in the DNA of thentrepreneurs of Silicon Valley No word on whether the Native Americans just got out stoic d by the pioneer spirit The next time you ll read such a vacuous half lidded recitation of Western History it ll be when your sixth grader is preparing a report he didn t research Doreen Valiente Witch enough I have a feeling that s the case hereIt s vaguely insulting to be told that all obstacles are just a bunch of Oedipal Sphinxes That sasy to say when your career began with a chance Duty Free Murder encounter with your favorite author who announced that at that moment he was really looking for a research assistant to hire and do you know anyone Probably harder for the kids in sub Saharan Africa to really leverage their malnutrition into a fierce and fulfilling career in PR Fuck this book This bo. Ryan Holiday laat aan de hand van de stoïcijnse filosofie zien dat dat wat je pad blokkeert in werkelijkheiden nieuw Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag en beter pad opent Alsen tegenstander je bedreigt moet je onbevreesd zijn n moed tonen Een onmogelijkheid deadline is de kans om te laten zien hoe betrokken je bentDe stoïcijnse filosofie – dat wat in de weg.

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