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Stions for euipment and ingredients "Which Is All Good But "is all good But do this all in the beginning So when ou first open the book ou are excited to make ramen I mean that s what the title says after all but You Can T Yet First You Have To Read Pages can t et First ou have to read pages pages of other information I wish the authors had included a sort of starter recipe at the beginning maybe starting with instant and adding a few extra ingredients and building on that as the book progresses In the time that I had this book I never actually got to a recipe where I could make ramenOther disappointments although the authors seem to be assuming no prior knowledge ou do need some prior knowledge in order to make sense of things They leap right in using Japanese terms for ingredients which is great I want to use the right terms so ou have to flip around uite a bit to find the definitions before ou can go back and understand what they are talking about which is annoying and time consuming The table of suggested ramen combinations was useless to me because of this because I didn t know what a lot of the words meant there are very few vegetarian options here Almost all of the broths include chicken stock or pork stock or both chicken and pork stock You really should like pork if The Thing About Alice you pick this up there s a lot of pork I do like pork But my daughter is a vegetarian the authors assume we have an enormous freezer in which to store all of the extra stock and other ingredients I don t have that much space there is no guidance on which brands to look for I understand that the authors didn t want to seem like sponsors of a brand but I know nothing about Japanese brands and I can t read Japanese so I can t comparison shop very well either I need someone to hold my hand here I can tell that the illustrations are depicting actual brands because I recognized a few but I didn t know what most of them were and I didn t want to have to stand in a store holding the book and trying to match the picturesou need a pasta maker There s a lot of info on making Un lieu incertain your own ramen noodles awesome but it reuires a pasta maker I don t have a pasta maker This was my biggest disappointment I wasn t really convinced about the idea of a comic book cookbook Andet it works Recipes and techniues are easy to understand and accurate It s essential but it contains every info ou need to start cooking ramen at homeMy only complain is about units of measurement I ll never understand how someone can find comfortable cooking with the imperial system Or those annoying cups Every cookbook that aims to appeal to a worldwide audience should in my opinion contain dosages in both metric and imperial system Great guide for anyone interested in ramen Clear and cute art with beautiful muted but rich colors Very explicit and well explained recipes Not for the faint of heart but definitely approachable by all. Om eminent ramen figures such as chef Ivan Orkin and Ramen Adventures' Brian MacDuckston Recipes include broths like Shio Shoyu Miso and Tonkotsu components such as Onsen Eggs Chashu and Menma and offshoots like Mazemen Tsukemen and Yakisoba Ideal for beginners seasoned cooks and armchair chefs alike this comic book cookbook is an accessible fun and inviting introduction to one of Japan's most popular and iconic dish. At goes into the ramen I eat at restaurants As far as I m concerned the world needs food related graphic novels And according to her bio in the back of the book Sarah Becan shares this dream I definitely Want To Track Down Of to track down of work So this is a cookbook in comics form It will teach ou all ou need to know about making ramen even how to make our own noodles if Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you wish Amano and Becan s enthusiasm for their subject is contagious And while I don t think I m ready to try making any my kitchen skills could charitably be described as basic at best I m definitely keen to eat some There are a few restaurants in my area that do reasonably authentic ramen or so I ve heardTo be fair some of my enjoyment comes from the sheer novelty of the concept a graphic novel cookbook The art is lovely the instructions clear and concise What couldou want except maybe to taste the various recipes while reading Recommended Manmaking ramen from scratch is intense It s definitely not for the faint of heartThis graphic novel for making ramen is awesome It breaks everything down into very simple to understand if not simple to make formulas that even a novice cook can follow Don t get me wrong this is difficult stuff just making the broth let alone the noodles seems like a monumental task but to have it broken down into steps I can understand is amazing The chapters are broken down into ramen 101 stocks broth noodles meats accompaniments and offshoots riffs I knew it was in depth but Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou yikes It s intimidating to say the leastIn any other form I think this would ve just been too much and I would ve brought it back t While this book is entertaining I m a just not THAT into ramen and b unable to eat most of the combinations as I don t eat meat This book is super meat centric This is a serious ramen cookbook in comic book clothes As in makeour own noodles broth etc That said it was interesting to read about the surprisingly recent history of ramen ramen culture it s totally a thing and the many variations The illustrations are colorful and fun which kept me reading even after I knew that I was never going to follow most of the instructionsPersonally I ll stick to buying ready made noodles and throwing together some uicker combinations like easy miso "mushroom ramen spicy ramen with tofu or coconut curry ramen But if ou LOVE ramen and "ramen spicy ramen with tofu or coconut curry ramen But if ou LOVE ramen and this is the book for ou This review covers only part of the book Because this is a cookbook I read only a few pages at a time so I did not have a chance to finish it before my library copy was dueI love the idea of this book and I love the look the art is beyond charming but the actuality of the book left something lacking This book was just okayThe authors assume little prior knowledge in the reader which is good so they include a lot of interesting history of ramen in Japanese cuisine and a lot of sugge. G tares broths noodles and toppings Authors Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan present colorful humorous and easy to follow comics that fully illustrate the necessary steps and ingredients for delicious homemade ramen Along the way they share preparation shortcuts that make weeknight ramen a reality; provide meaty tidbits on Japanese culinary traditions; and feature words of wisdom personal anecdotes and cultural insights fr. ,

When the weather gets a little cold I do love a nice big comforting bowl of soup And when I don t have "a ton of time or energy left at the end of the day I often "ton of time or energy left at the end of the day I often up making some ramen there s always a sad veggie or two left in the crisper that needs to be used up and a dollop of butter and curry paste brightens up any soup stock Easy peasyWhen I saw this book I figured it would make for a great source of inspiration and new ideas to pimp up my fall and winter ramen routine I also fell in love with the format I remember having a couple of illustrated cookbooks as a child which were really great to teach children about basic food preparation it certainly made it look fun than regular cookbooks so the idea of blending comic books and recipes struck me as pure geniusWhile this book is gorgeous and informative I have to say it seriously lacks in vegetarian options While I do eat meat from time to time it isn t a big part of my diet or cooking preferences There is only one vegetarian broth recipe and while I understand that it s not strictly traditional a few variations would have been nice And while there are many recipes for the different meaty garnishes to add to a ramen bowl again there are very few alternative ideas for meat free versions included in the book The meat balls and marinated eggs recipes look absolutely scrumptiousWhile I am not uite ready for the very time consuming process of making my own broth I love that the author thought to include a way to make home made instant ramen broth and store it so ou don t have to spend an entire day boiling away pig trotters every time ou fancy a bowlI m giving this book 3 stars because despite being a very cool idea I m just not going to use it much This is really for the ramen purists as where I ll always be the girl who uses store bought broth and noodles when she feel like having a lazy dinner This was actually an incredibly fun graphic novelcookbook This is so awesomely done I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story about delicious food and learning the history and the depth of ways to make each ingredient FROM SCRATCH AND WHAT IT MEANS CULTURALLY BRILLIANT I scratch and what it means culturally Brilliant I to buy this one5 stars for making me put it on my Christmas wishlist Totally just ordered it at the library I always taste test my cookbooks first Cookbooks are so very personalbut I L O V E LOVE ramen Sadly I live in an area where it s super hard to get good ramen I have tried to cook my own before Wooooo Talk about a slow moving expensive trainwreck of a dumpster fire Really neat idea for a cookbook I picked it up out of curiosity but it works Having the images with the instructions was very helpful I also especially enjoyed the history of ramen that was included as well as the sections from different ramen specialistsWill I be making my own ramen Probably not But I appreciate knowing wh. A comic book cookbook with accessible ramen recipes for the home cook including simple weeknight bowls weekend project stocks homemade noodles and an array of delicious accompaniments with insights and tips from notable ramen luminariesPlayful and instructive this hybrid cookbookgraphic novel introduces the history of ramen and provides than 40 recipes for everything ou need to make the perfect bowl at home includin.

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