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I Am Dynamite A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche

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The author explains the origins of ZarathustraWhy did Nietzsche choose Zarathustra Zarathustra also called Zoroaster was a Persian rophet who The Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes probably lived some time between the twelfth and sixth centuries before Christ Zarathustraresented a key to the A Spring Betrayal problem of evil that could never be answered by Judaism Christianity or Islam whose allowerful gods were all good In Zoroastrianism the god of light is in constant conflict with the god of darkness and evil At the end of time the god of light will score a final victory but until then he is not in control of events Conseuently Zoroastrianism unlike the three great religions of the book escapes the aradox of an all owerful good God who is responsible for what many eople take to be unnecessary evilZarathustra s ten years of solitude in the mountains between the ages of thirty and forty might stand for Nietzsche s ost Basel decade of independent thinking which was often conducted on high mountains Zarathustra is forty the same age as the writer Nietzsche is when he comes down to be among the You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven): Popular Standard; Single Songbook people He carries down fire as Prometheus had carried the fire that would transform cultures and civilizations and as the Holy Ghost had carried down tongues of fire at Pentecost Fire bestows upon the chosen ones the enlightened ones the gift of speaking in tongues ie in words that are universally comprehensible It is a synonym for wisdom and for revelation Zarathustra s fire has the specific ability to scorch meaning into the meaninglessness of life following upon the death of God His mouth alone through Nietzsche s will be the first to address the nihilism despair and devaluation of moral life that was reaching its crisis within the context of nineteenth century materialism At the end of his book he writes Dead are all gods now we want the bermensch to live Thus spoke Zarathustra He sent it to hisublisher describing it in his cover letter as a fifth gospel In 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm I had died at last at the age of ninety Seventeen years Kissing Another Grimaldi (Bovaghnian Rogues previously he had accepted the German crown in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to Nietzsche s great distress and fear for the imbalance of Europe In the intervening years the Kaiser and his Iron Chancellor Bismarck had famously forged the archconservative and repressive Second Reich on industrialization capitalism unscrupulous expansionism the Protestant Church artistic conservatism and censorship All this had coagulated into one massive congested sclerotic nationalist repressive and authoritarian worldower as Nietzsche had feared would happenAs a university student in the late 1880s and early 90s Harry Kessler executor Nietzsche s literary estate was Romanticism and the Rise of English part of the Raskolnikov generation those on whom Dostoyevsky s novel Crime and Punishment had arofound effect Kessler served as witness at the trial of a highborn fellow student who shot and killed his working class girlfriend after which the murderer failed to kill himself because his shot into his own chest was not well aimed It was a nihilist act inspired by Dostoyevsky s book which made an unuantifiable impression on the first Out of the Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery post Christian despairing generation A rash of such murders among students overcome by the great disgust the will to nothingness became known as the Raskolnikov effect after the anti hero in Dostoyevsky s bookThree years after leaving university Kessler felt able to write There isrobably no twenty to thirty year old tolerably educated man in Germany today who does not owe to Nietzsche a Justin - Geliebter Kater part of his worldview or has not been or less influenced by him1893 became an important year during which Nietzsche s work caught on with the artistic avant garde of both Berlin and Paris to wide effect throughainting Numbers: The Universal Language playwritingoetry and music Scandinavians also set the Nietzschean fireThis would have been astonishing enough to Nietzsche who had so often expressed his horror at the idea of having disciples but the Der Unterschied: Was den Mensch zum Menschen macht political tenor of the Nietzsche cult would have horrified him further still The approach of the First World War gave impetus to a bellicose form of Nietzscheism that took the will toower as a moral teaching sanctioning violence and ruthlessness the bermensch as the greatest brute and the blond beast as an incentive toward a racial breeding rogramNewspaper articles by Nietzsche s anti Semitic fascist sister Elizabeth encouraged these twisted interpretations enthusiastically describing her brother breeding rogramNewspaper articles by Nietzsche s anti Semitic fascist sister Elizabeth encouraged these twisted interpretations enthusiastically describing her brother a #Friend Of WarHis Sister #of warHis sister with her anti Semitic husband gathered together out of context fragments from Nietzsche s notebooks adding their own ideas as if they were his into a volume titled Triumph of the Will with Nietzsche identified as the author on the cover and the title An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything page This book was eagerly adopted by Mussolini as a justification for his fascist nationalism and thirst for war In Germany the Weimareriod was a gestation Ella's First Exam: A Medical Exam Fiction (Ella's Exams Book 1) period of this work Hitler and the Nazis became admirers of both the book and Elizabeth Philosopher Oswald Spengler made things worse by incorporating Social Darwinism into the alleged beliefs of Nietzsche The misunderstood terms bermensch and master morality served Spengler surposeSoon after hilosopher Martin Heidegger joined the Nazi Party the notorious German rofessor Alfred B umler who had issued a new edition of The Triumph of the Will oversaw the first book burning in Berlin A film directed by Leni Riefenstah of the 1934 Nuremberg Rally was titled Triumph of the Will as a nod to the influence of the book Of course Hitler never actually read any Nietzsche including the Principios de economía política phony Triumph of the Will but simply saw it as usefulropaganda On her deathbed in 1935 Elizabeth had Hitler s Mein Kampf read to her aloud Hitler attended her funeral Modernity s TimelinePre Modernity Abrahamic religions envelop the western world in intellectual darkness Billions die in crusades genocides inuisitions witch hunts and wholy wars1859 Darwin accidentally kills god1867 Marx tries to figure it all Out By Deconstructing And by deconstructing and systems of material Aunt Jane's Nieces production and governance Stalin gets ahold of it and around 20 millioneople end up dead 1886 Nietzsche tries to figure it all out by deconstructing and rationalizing systems of morality Hitler gets ahold of it and around 20 million eople end up dead 1899 Freud tries to figure it all out by deconstructing and rationalizing systems of sychology Madison Avenue gets ahold of it and the rest of us end up dead starting with the frogs and olar bearsYet somehow we re still better off Nietzsche was the rimary Beneath the Moors and Darker Places philosopher who inspired me toursue the field Not that he offers a coherent belief system or ready to hand tools for life but he does Lascia che sia felice provide the type of criticalerspective necessary to begin uestioning one s life His thought has so much become a This Beats Working for a Living: The Dark Secrets of a College Professor part of my own that whenever I revisit his works I find aphorisms that mirror my own dispositions in ways I never realized had sunk in I feel as do many who have been inspired by him an emotional connection with his thought given which he holds a dearlace for me All that is to say that I was both anxiou When asked for recommendations by those unversed in We'll Make It Through philosophy I most commonly recommend Plato and Nietzsche Both are enduringlyopular Both are immediately accessible Though often misinterpreted both also describe the antipodes of Western The Silent Earth: The Complete Trilogy philosophy the metaphysic. A groundbreaking new biography ofhilosophy's greatest iconoclast Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most enigmatic figures in hilosophy and his concepts the bermensch the will to ower slave morality have fundamentally reshaped our understanding of the human condition But what do most The Age of Apollyon people really know of Nietzsche beyond the mustache the scowl and the lingering association with nihilism and fascism Where do welace a thinker who was eually beloved by Albert Camus Ayn Rand Martin Buber and Adolf HitlerNie. Al and the anti metaphysical the classical religious and the modern secular idealsAs the Church has misappropriated Plato for its urposes so much of the abuse of Friedrich Nietzsche 1844 1900 stemmed from the decades of control of his estate by his racist sister Elisabeth 1846 1935 and her increasingly Nazi entourage This has been substantially rectified for American readers by the repub A mostly captivating biography of a widely misunderstood man I am left with the impression of a solitary lonely and confused soul wandering about moving from lace to lace in search of belonging and fleeing his oppressive mother and sister There are brief intervals of reciprocity with Wagner and Lou Salome but in the end he is a man very much alone Next time I The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 pick up a book he wrote I will approach it with a deepened understanding of the origins of his ideas English I Am Dynamite A Life of NietzscheThis book is no doubt super interesting and written in an immersive manner but while I m happy I received an ARC it was in a format that can only be read via Adobe Digital Editions meaning on the screen and the book has 700ages So I will buy the hardcover instead By skimming the The National Debt: A Short History pages to get an impression I saw that this text is certainly worthwhile Nietzsche is nowreceded by his reputation to such a monstrous extent that it takes a bit of an effort to overcome all the received wisdom which in my case was the only wisdom I had having read only one of his books and virtually nothing else about him Oh yeah Nietzsche wasn t he a bit right wing Tooled around with a terrific stare declaiming things about the death of god Women hated him Nazis loved him Something like thatHe comes across in this fascinating biography as a smart unusual and not unkindly figure but one overmastered by the emotional demands of his family by an imposed solitariness and by the lifelong ill health which he knew appeared to be leading inexorably to madnessHe tried to accustom himself to this Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific possibility early insanity ran in his family and his father had died young from a softening of the brain From the beginning in his writings he was exploring the idea of emancipatory insanity and the validity of the irrational inassages like this from DaybreakAh give me madness you heavenly owers Madness that I may only at last believe in myself Give deliriums and convulsions sudden lights and darkness terrify me with frost and fire such as no mortal has ever felt with deafening din and rowling figures make me howl and whine and crawl like a beast so that I may come to believe in myselfWell he got what he wanted He had a vital ersonal investment in many of his hilosophical ideas which had to do with turning every it was into I wanted it thus in other words with not just accepting the things that happen to you but forcing yourself to find joy and satisfaction in them For him this amor fati could be a big askMost of the key locations in his life as he developed these ideas were in Switzerland He took a rofessorship in Basel at just 24 spent robably the happiest years of his life at Wagner s house on Lake Lucerne where he wrote The Birth of Tragedy and later had his most dramatic epiphanies at Sils up in the Engadine where tourists can still visit the Zarathustra rock Here my muses live he said this region is blood and kin to me and even than that But misfortune did seem to follow him around and there were very few friends who lasted long Wagner had originally seen him as a worthy disciple and the two had a close relationship but it came apart in a miserable way Wagner wrote to his doctor asking whether some of Nietzsche s medical symptoms might not be the effects of masturbation this letter somehow got into circulation and Nietzsche found himself at a arty in Bayreuth with everybody reading it surreptitiously and sniggering at him behind his backWith women he had no luck at all His most affectionate relationship was with Lou Salom the Russian born thinker writer and itinerant femme fatale The two shared many long walks and DEEP CONVERSATIONS WHICH MEANT A GREAT DEAL TO NIETZSCHE conversations which meant a great deal to Nietzsche she was always interested in other smart eople as well For a while the two of them resolved to live trois with the Karneval, Vol. 4 philosopher Paul R e but this modern arrangement also endedathetically one day while they were travelling together Nietzsche woke up to find the other two gone He carried on to some other destinations on their itinerary but could not find them in fact Salom and R e had just stayed where they were and lain low until Nietzsche disappearedOne gets the impression of a seriously lonely man There s a moment where the Goncourts journal is The Hiding Place published and Nietzsche reads it and thinks wistfully how nice it must be to have these boozy friendly dinners with guests like Zola and Turgenev He would have flourished in that situation But there he was wandering around alone on an Alp having ecstatic visions interspersed with bouts of cryingIt isartly for these reasons that his later writings can be as Sue Prideaux uts it vengefully misogynistic Nevertheless she saysAll his life he valued intelligent women making close and enduring friendships with them He only fell in love with clever women starting with Cosima Wagner He disliked ignorant and bigoted womenWhich brings us to his sister Elisabeth Nietzsche kept up a friendly correspondence with her but he did not share brings us to his sister Elisabeth Nietzsche kept up a friendly correspondence with her but he did not share values she was an ardent nationalist and a vicious antisemite whereas Nietzsche considered himself a bad German but a very good European He gave up his German citizenship to work in Basel and remained officially stateless for the rest of his lifeThe rift between them became serious when Elisabeth married the nationalist activist Bernhard F rster I do not have his enthusiasm for things German Nietzsche wrote to her and even less for keeping this glorious race ure On the contrary on the contrary Nietzsche liked to tell eople he was Polish after someone said his face looked like something from a Matejko aintingThe F rsters went off to start a bizarre antisemitic colony in Paraguay but after her husband deep in debt finally killed himself Elisabeth found a new The Elephants Journey project in managing the affairs of her brother Nietzsche by this stage had gone completely la la He was signing his letters The Crucified and telling correspondents things like I have ordered a convocation ofrinces in Rome I mean to have the young emperor shot If there was a certain lan to his early ideas about the liberating Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' power of madness there was none whatsoever to the reality first confined to an asylum and then long years shuffling around a room above his sister sarlour scarcely able to remember his name or to speak coherently Elisabeth took ownership of all his writings copyrights and letters and carefully controlled what would be released to researchers or the ublicBut even the sadness of Nietzsche s final years is overshadowed by what was done to his reputation after he died Elisabeth in Prideaux s telling was determined to turn her brother s writings to her own ideological ends which by now had a olitical correlative Giving a speech at a festival held to commemorate fifty years since Wagner s death she announced We are drunk with enthusiasm because at the head of our government stands such a wonderful indeed Changing Face of the Hero phenomenalersonality like our magnificent Chancellor Adolf Hitl. Tzsche wrote that all The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry philosophy is autobiographical and in this vividly compelling myth shattering biography Sue Prideaux brings readers into the world of this brilliant eccentric and deeply troubled man illuminating the events andeople that shaped his life and work From his StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story placid devoutly Christian upbringing overshadowed by the mysterious death of his father through his teaching career lonelyhilosophizing on high mountains and heart breaking descent into madness Prideaux documents Nietzsche's intellec.
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Er Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein F hrer The Nietzsche Archiv which she built and managed in Weimar was soon stuffed with fellow believers Inside the Archive everyone from the doorkeeper to the head is a Nazi said one depressed disciple of Nietzsche s who later fled into exile It is enough to make one weep Mysterious incomprehensible Germany Despite the superficial appeal of Nietzsche s terminology the blond beasts the master race it was not easy to jam his ideas into a fascist mould As one leading Nazi ideologue commented If not for the fact that Nietzsche was not a nationalist or a socialist and did not believe in race discrimination he would have made a good Nazi I am not up on Nietzsche scholarship so I don t know how controversial or un this story is but certainly here Nietzsche emerges as a figure deeply sympathetic deeply troubled and deeply misunderstood by osterity It s a very sad tale so one is grateful to Prideaux s dry often openly comic style which guides you through his life without any unnecessary drama letting the facts speak for themselves Deutschland Deutschland ber Alles he wrote scornfully I m afraid that was the end of German Pure Chance philosophy Unfortunately it was just the start for Nietzscheanhilosophy and for a lot of The Lady and the Lionheart people it s never recovered It all makes for a completely riveting and desperately sad read A book like this needs to be composed like music All the elements must be gentlyulled in so the main themes can shine through Prideaux accomplishes this with such great finesse Essentially this book has 3 main threads that she stays true to for the entire biography Chronology of Nietzsche s Life filled with colourful detailsAn Intellectual History of his Philosophical Development flooded with bookish detailsHistorical Context as it Relates to Nietzsche with the goal of setting the record straightWe can see Nietzsche develop from his early 20 s True to any young man this section of the book is the most lively and fastest to read The early ages are acked with books he read what he thought of them his keen friendship with Wagner his musical lifeNext the biography moves into his middle years where the intellectual development slows down but his rivate life certainly icks up He s essentially come into his own for what he believes in The rest reads like a well not a gossipy newspaper column He s still a great thinker Prideaux s writing still sings Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church perhaps he s simply a man who fell in love And if this biography reads as beautifully as fiction our villain is clearly moving onto the chessboardThis final section is where I was rendered on the floor in emotional turmoil Again Prideaux s writing keeps the complexeriods of history clear easy to read Which only emphasizes the tragedy of thoughts gone wrong These were an emotionally crippling couple of A (kinda) Country Christmas pages with exuisitely concise summaries of Nietzsche s final selfublished works She includes spoilers on these few ages if you consider lines like Descartes I Think Therefore I Am to be a spoilerThe final ages include Aphorisms as a great tribute Near year by year Chronology from 1844 1935Endnotes citing the sources little to no commentaryA retty fun sounding Bibliography for book nerdsI d recommend this to fans of Nietzsche his naysayers most of all She reduces him back the mere man he wanted to be removing the legend that his sister ainstakingly tried to build up As a result National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 perhaps Nietzsche can finally become impish smile you have to read this book his works to find out My 1st Impressions Video filmed before I read this final review it gives a very brief update to the 1st Impressions less information than this written review I am frightened Nietzsche had written by the thought of what unualified and unsuitableeople may invoke my authority one day Yet that is the torment of every great teacher of mankind he knows that given the circumstances and the accidents he can become a disaster as well as a blessing to mankind 374 5Ironically Nietzsche wrote these words in a letter to his sister I had not read a full biography of Nietzsche before I had tried to work through some of his major works in college and knew of the odd course that his writings had taken after his death but lack any sense of a life trajectory That always struck me as odd for a hilosopheressayist who has roven to be so influential Sue Prideaux has written a readable and engaging biography of Nietzsche that has helped to fill these holes for meHaving said this I do not know that I am much clearer about actually getting Nietzsche The book clearly communicates the role of his thought in identifying how modernism has weakened the ability of religion and Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism philosophy torovide meaning and value for Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory peoplerovided that the levelling tendencies of modern thought are followed through consistently and honestly That was already fairly clear to me Prideaux s account highlights the Charming the Firefighter problem that such ahilosophy resents me Prideaux s account highlights the roblem that such a Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales philosophyresents does one find meaning in a world with no certainty and no The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles principles ahilosophy of erhaps That this would ose tensions for individuals trying to justify a lace in the world is clear and the ath that Nietzsche steered through the neighborhoods of madness is not surprising It was a basic Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War part of his own story lineThere are a few aspects to Nietzsche s story as told here that were striking to meFirst what an odd intellectual environment he worked in He gets arofessorship in hilology without completing any degree because of two influential mentors Then he begins to move in completely different directions away from hilology and towards hilosophy such that students stop signing up for his courses He then eventually leaves the university and wanders around Central Europe going to scenic areas writing books that nobody read and whose format was understandable as driven by his health than by any content He did not attain much success at all in his lifetime I have trouble getting my head around just how different this intellectual world is from anything today especially in big time hilosophySecond you have to love family right How the influence of his mother and especially his sister was associated with Nietzsche s work is hard to comprehend especially on substantive issues that affected how his work has been viewed since his death antisemitism It is hard to see how his legacy could have not been confused given the articularities of his estate and its managersThird the limitations of 19th century medicine are striking and one wonders what was really going on both in terms of his inherited hysical disorders and
"the bizarre treatments "
bizarre treatments received The link between the socialcultural and Último asalto physical aspects of insanity are strikingFourth he received virtually no recognition during his lifetime when he would have been sane enough to recognize it Add to that the shift in intellectual life at the turn of the century and it seems like a bad joke on theart of the gods at Nietzsche s expense Throw in WW1 and the Nazis and the story only gets stranger The strange relationship with Wagner and his mistress is Fear (Tricycle Teachings part of this and a separate strangeart of the cultural storyFinally the book makes me want to tour Switzerland and northern Italy I had actually visited Basel and Lucerne rior to reading the book and now want to go backThis was a fun book to read even while trying to sort through Nietzsche s aphorism. Tual and emotional life with a novelist's insight and sensitivityShe also roduces unforgettable ortraits of the eople who were most important to him including Richard and Cosima Wagner Lou Salom the femme fatale who broke his heart; and his sister Elizabeth a rabid German nationalist and anti Semite who manipulated his texts and turned the Nietzsche archive into a destination for Nazi ideologues I Am Dynamite is the essential biography for anyone seeking to understand history's most misunderstood Conta and Boehme Porcelain Identification and Value Guide philosoph.