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Love this series with its vibe of what if Robert Heinlien invented Star Trek but I think it worked better as a series of short storiesthe last half of the book drags and we ignore 34 of the castThere s still some great ideas here but and we ignore 34 of the castThere s still some great ideas here but sure there was to rate a novelStill sad that there aren t any The Ramsgate Paradox by Stephen Tall 1976 io9com recently ran a short article about what happened to competent heroes in science fiction I m not going to summarize the article here but the type of book that author misses is Pure Chance provided by author Stephen Tall in The Ramsgate ParadoxThe Stardust s mission is to boldly go where no one has gone before It is a ship staffed by highly. Roscoe Kissinger Lindy Pegleg and the crew of the Stardust engaged in voyages of interstellar exploration land on an alienlanet inhabited by humanoids. The Ramsgate Paradox

Twist at the end works Here the crew discovers first lanet with Occupants Previously They occupants reviously they encountered uiet alien races in travelsNote Talls is from the Brin Asimov school Not a whole lot of character but a lot of of how good they are at what they do This is a novel length seuel to The Stardust Voyages I didn t know this existed and came across it when I found the first book again This is a keeper too Another excellent story about the Stardust crew I found this tale even interesting than the Stardust Voyages This book is enthralling from the start A surprisingly good set of short stories continuing from the 1st book The Stardust Voyages. E of another culture Then Lindy disappears and Roscoe and his friends must go to the strange city where they discover the secret of the other civilizati. Competent eople that is mentioned than once by the first erson narrator Roscoe Be It Roscoe Be Roscoe ecologist his wife Lindy a botanist their friend Peg Leg nicknamed such for his artificial knee a geologist everyone is an expert In the rior collection of short stories and even here the emphasis is on the scientific method in exploration no olde fashioned space opera guns ablazing exploration truthfully nothing wrong with that when done well for fun readingInitially I had some doubts Tall could craft a short novel using the Stardust and its cast The A (kinda) Country Christmas prior short story collection seemed about right for Tall and the characters He doesull off the novel and the small but lausible. Who are startlingly similar to earthmen The aliens are a rimitive eople who farm vast fields but there is also a strange uninhabited city and evidenc.