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Tin Luther King Jr said and I paraphrase the arc of history is long but it bends toward justice I stopped on is long but it bends toward justice I stopped on 134 unable to inish To use a line rom Candide the book ell rom my handsAC says I should not be reading this translation at all but gma grube s so i will but GMA Grube s So I will ve read this right through a couple of times now three or there about I think And bits of it many many times This is one of the key books of the western canon you really do need to be aware of it And you might be surprised at how If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song freuently it is referenced particularly in scienceiction everything Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford from The Giver to Brave New World to The Matrix And while the world Plato is presenting is meant to be a utopia it is generally used as the basisor the most terrifying of dystopias One of the things I noticed this time through was all the eugenics Not just in the selective breeding of the human stock but also in the murder of the unfit I ve always been very sensitive to ideas of killing people based on some notion of the costs to society that they bring I believe such ideas undermine our very humanity to the point where the improved society would no longer be Ready for Summer fit to be called human This book is seeking to provide an answer to the uestion what is justice or rather it starts by uestioning if it is just to help yourriends and harm your enemies I m not sure it is immediately obvious that we might go Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech from these uestions to answers concerning the division of labour in a society but that seems to be a major consideration of the theory of justice being presented here Basically people are born with various levels of merit and a just society would identify those who areavoured with whatever merit they have and it would set them to the tasks that best suit whatever merit they have Plato talks of the merit of people as a bit like being assigned to different metals not unlike in the Olympics and those people metals differentiate them into different classifications gold silver bronze and iron and each will have their proper tasks in society Once you have been assigned to one of these classifications you are pretty much stuck there There are "tasks that are appropriate to your abilities and the just society "that are appropriate to your abilities and the just society one where people are assigned tasks that best meet their abilities For this reason it is important that parents don t know their own children and that children are brought up in common by the whole of society That way you won t end up with a bronze child A coerência textual from two gold parents being given a gold education that they will not be able to make any use of or their bronze child wreaking havoc trying to be a philosopher king when they would have been a better baker or blacksmith or something All the same the best people are still likely to have the best children and so the society should make all proper efforts to ensure that the best breeds with the best in much the same way as you would if you were breeding race horsesThe best societies would be ruled by philosopher kings and they would not be allowed to have any possessions of their own since they ought to beocused on the good of the society as a whole There is a kind of threat to such people Plato believes they would be unlikely to really give a stuff about most things that others ind very rewarding For instance wealth power prestige and so on They are likely to be seen as too other worldly even by themselves and therefore they are likely to be uninterested in taking on the responsibility of ruling and they might need to be encouraged This is all or the good because the sorts of people who want to rule are generally not the sort of people who should ever be allowed to rule This is one of the things in which me and Plato are very much on the same page although or me rather than breeding a special class of philosopher kings to rule over us I am increasingly becoming an anarchist as I struggle to think of a single person in my life who has been a worthwhile leader I ve certainly never met a philosopher I would be hap. F both women and men as guardians of the people With remarkable lucidity and deft use of allegory Plato arrives at a depiction of a state bound by harmony and ruled by philosopher kin.
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Omen or something to that effect kind of pisses on that eminist bonfire Oh wellJusticeSo here s some of the reasons why The Republic First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There fails Firstly Socrates the character assumes that because one example demonstrates a certain type of relationship then this idea can be applied to all When he is arguing with Thrasymachus about justice Thrasymachus says that justice is whatever the rulers decide it to be and that they use this poweror their own good and the weaker ie the subjects get screwed over Socrates then uses the example of a physician who is stronger than the weaker ie the subjects get screwed over Socrates then uses the example of a physician who is stronger than patients but his agenda is only to help them Well1 Even if a physician selflessly helps his patients this does not prove that rulers have the best interests of their citizens in mind There is not a naturally occurring relationship between the two2 As Thrasymachus goes on to point out the physician is doing it or his own benefit because he is paid to do the jobStupidity ContradictionsSo then Socrates starts with the bullshit that doesn t get refuted because the author is on his side of course He says that the physician is divided into two roles that of physician and that of moneymaker yep So basically the two are separate and have nothing to do with each other um I beg to differ You see Some of the arguments are ridiculous He also goes on to contradict himself later by stating that rulers do get a reward or ruling money If he had maintained his previous argument then they should have done it anyway April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers for the simple benefit of their subjects and moneymaking should be a separate thing entirelyAgent vs Act VirtuePlato and Socrates talked a great deal about justice being an agent virtue and not just an act virtue They believed that it wasn t good enough to act justly you had to have a good soul as well Makes sense until you get to where you judge people based on them having a good soul or not and just how do you do thatPerson A do you have a just soulPerson B oh yesPerson A Phew let s beriendsAnd they have a very warped view of what makes a person goodjust A just man values wisdom above all else does he I imagine a person who likes to make riends With The Super Smart Individuals the super smart individuals disregard the rest to be a bit of an ass Don t you Halfway through now and the ability to see the book as a metaphor or civic and personal moral development becomes difficult The book is only useful if you are tracking the history of ideas which I am not The state Plato describes here is one that is highly prohibitive in almost every aspect Arts and culture are severely controlled Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome for propaganda purposes There is a complete inability to view open transparent government as an option The guardians must be lied to and deceived constantly if they are to develop correctly Moreover to establish what we might call aooting or his premises there is an overwhelming amount of presumption on the part of the author Much of the reasoning seems specious "It strikes this reader how Plato did not have a long and detailed historical record to call "strikes this reader how Plato did not have a long and detailed historical record to call as we do There are many assumptions or instance with respect to the education of the guardians that shows a weak grasp of human psychology The guardians should in effect be shielded rom badness and wrongdoing if they are to develop the appropriate appreciation or virtue Well if they re not exposed to badness how will they know it when they see it Other aspects of guardian nurturing and education too are severe if not totalitarian by today s standards First the very sick are to be left to die This was of course a sign of the times Medicine was primitive But there is not an iota of compassion about those left to die This indeed would connote softness something not wanted in our guardians who are to be simultaneously brave and happy not unlike the Space Kid family dog Plato actually says that The overwhelming import of the reading soar has been to show me how very ar we as a culture western have come in the than 2400 years since Republic s composition As Mar. Ithin it During the conversation other uestions are raised what is goodness; what is reality; and what is knowledge The Republic also addresses the purpose of education and the role ,
Let me explain why I d recommend this book to everyone Plato is stupid SeriouslyAnd it s important that you all understand that Western society is based on the fallacy ridden ramblings of an idiot Read this understand that he is not joking and understand ridden ramblings of an idiot Read this understand that he is not joking and understand Plato is well and truly ucked in the headEvery single one of his works goes like thisSOCRATES Hello I will now prove this theorySTRAWMAN Surely you are wrongSOCRATES Nonsense "Listen Strawman can we agree to the ollowing wildly presumptive statement "Strawman can we agree to the ollowing wildly presumptive statement is at the core of my argument Insert wildly presumptive statement here this time it s There is such a thing as Perfect Justice and There is such a thing as Perfect Beauty among othersSTRAWMAN Yes of course that is obviousSOCRATES Good Now that we have conveniently skipped over all of the logically necessary debate because my off the wall crazy ideas surely wouldn t stand up to any real scrutiny let me tell you an intolerably long hypothetical story Insert intolerably long hypothetical storySTRAWMAN My God Socrates You have completely won me over That is brilliant Your woefully simplistic theories should become the basis Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water foruture Western civilization That would be greatSOCRATES Ha ha My simple rhetorical device has duped them all I will now go celebrate By Drinking Hemlock And drinking hemlock and a cameo in Bill and Ted s Excellent AdventureThe moral of the story is Plato is stupid Plato s The Republic is a great but lawed masterpiece of western literature yes it makes sense mostly some of it I am the wisest man in the world because I know one thing that I know nothing said the smart man Socrates Plato is writing Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for Socrates hisriend and teacher Late teacher since being Troubled Waters forced to commit suicide by the uncomfortable citizens of Athens theamous poisoned cup of hemlock or corrupting the minds of youth Socrates didn t believe books were as effective as lectures big mistake Socrates advocates complete state control of everything land schools businesses homes and even children to be taken away rom their parents and raised by the state In other words an early orm of communism Plato agreed but Aristotle didn t he knew only parents would love their children which kids need Most of the book is dialogues between various men as how to establish a perfect state Socrates Plato wanted Greece ruled by philosopher kings With a professional army to back them up An unreachable goal as 24 centuries later has shown Greed is the primary motivation of the human race but people keep on trying to reach the elusive Utopia and ailing orever Socrates the wise man was correct My re reading of this or my university course has led me to the same conclusions I ound when I irst read it a couple of years back except this time I am Owls: Birds of the Night fortunate enough to have understood it better than last time My conclusions being that Plato and through him Socrates was very intelligent believed he was intelligent than everyone else no matter how many times he declared himself unwise and very much loved to talk Socrates in particular must have been veryond of the sound of his own voiceYou can t give a book that revolutionised philosophy any less than 3 stars even if about 70% of it Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, features many generalisations jumping to bizarre conclusions and claims without good reason And yes Plato and Socrates had some brilliant ideas all the brilliant because they came up with themirst but they don t measure up to today s version of rational thinking Good but outdated I suppose the best thing about their ideas was that they laid the Bon Bon Voyage foundationsor the next 2000 years of Western philosophy and politics Gender EualityAnd though hardly eminists Socrates and Plato were some of the irst to publicly suggest that education should be eual to both genders apart rom military training and that women should have as large a political role as men seeing as they make up half of society Go early Greek gender euality Though I suppose the line whining and crying as if they were but Presented in the orm of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors this classic text is an enuiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual