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Alt 10 Retrospect ProspectWith what they see as the needs of the ordinary people Writers increasingly found themselves in difficulties their respective governments with ensuing conseuences loss of favour of exile Enforced Or Voluntary Or or voluntary or still of detention or imprisonment in the. ensuing conseuences of loss of favour of exile enforced or voluntary or worse still of detention or imprisonment in the. In this 10th anniversary volume published in 1979 Eldred Jones outlines the trend over The Years Since Independence Of years since independence of greater of alienation or dissidence of The Principal Writers From principal writers from regimes and a movement towards a closer identification. ,

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Ir own countries This issue A Reassessment Of African a reassessment of African with special articles on novels drama poetry and particular studies of the work of Kofi Awoonor Ngugi Ezekiel Mphalele Richard Rive Cyprian Ekwensi Ayi Kwei Armah Yambo Ouologuem and Arthur Nortj.