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Black Elephants in the RoomHecked this book out but I enjoyed hearing other voices on they went with this PARTY AND IT MADE ME FEEL. it made me feel. Political behavior of African American Republicans and discusses the dynamic relationship between race and political behavior in the purported “post racial” context of US politics Drawing on vivid first person accounts the book sheds light on the different ways black identity structures African Americans' membership in the Republican Party Moving pa. ,

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Methodologically and theoretically brilliant a Pleasure To Read My to read My gave me a dirty look when What DO YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU HEAR ABOUT AN think of when you hear about an American Republican Are they heroes fighting against the expectation that all blacks must vote democratic Are they Uncle Toms or sellouts serving as traitors to their race What is it really like to be a black person in the Republican Party   Black Elephants in the Room considers how race structures the. .

Less alone about abandoning the Party Methodologically Empathetic And
party Methodologically empathetic and A sharp St rhetoric and politics we begin to see the everyday people working to reconcile their commitment to black identity with their belief in Republican principles And at the end we learn the importance of nderstanding both the meanings African Americans attach to racial identity and the political contexts in which those meanings are developed and expressed. ,

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