Red Notice A True Story of High Finance Murder and One Man’s Fight for Justice [E–pub READ]

Oligarchs and the western businessman Now this is an explosive revealing and shocking read that had my complete attention from page one Bill Browder s account reads like a thriller but its non fiction and is compelling reading for anyone interested in reading about High Finance Murder and one man s fight for justice in modern Russia image November 2009 an emancipated oung lawyer Sergei Magnitsky is led to a freezing isolation cell in a Moscow prison handcuffed to a bedrail and beaten to death by eight police officers His crime To testify against the Russian Interior Ministry officials who stole 230 million of taxes paid by his employer financier Bill Browder This book shocked me in many ways and it was such an eye opener its well written fast paced and informative The account of Sergei Magnitsky s life and death is heartbreaking and Bill Browder s fight for justice for a man who wanted to right the wrongs and make his country a better place to live is honourable and commendable I didn t particularly like the Bill Browder in the first half of this book as he got caught up in the greed and power of becoming the largest foreign investor in Russia but by the end of the book I had softened a little I think he did an excellent job writing and exposing the criminal activities and the corruption of modern Russia image A 5 star rating from me as I just couldnt stop thinking about this book on completion and I have since spent uite a bit of time watching documentaries relating to facts and situations mentioned in this book Born into a left wing family in America Bill Browder attended a boarding school where he became uite rebellious and very unsettled Not happy with his home life he made the decision to become a capitalist knowing that it would surely upset his parents However once he settled down with his studies he was soon accepted into Standford University and on his way to becoming everything he ever wanted to be By becoming the largest foreign investor in Russia running his own investment firm he went well beyond his aspirations Flying back and forth between London and Moscow for several ears all seemed to be going to plan However something changed uite dramatically that would forever transform his life Completely blindsided by top Russian officials he had no idea the tremendous fight he would face to secure his company keep the wealth it had created and protect his associates Author Bill Browder pulls no punches in this true story of his rise as a prominent investor in a country that essentially does what it wants with no repercussions whatsoever Red Notice is powerful and undeniably a riveting story Mr Browder possesses a high sense of integrity with a great deal of compassion and is very brave to try and make his story heard around the world Highly recommended 3 12 stars I listened to the audio of Red Notice It was fascinating and I have no regrets about listening to it but there were a few things that grated on me enough to knock off a 12 star from what would otherwise have been a solid 4 stars In Red Notice Bill Browder recounts his involvement in the world of high finance in Russia events which ultimately led to the arrest torture and death of one of his lawyers and which transformed Browder from manager of a multi billion dollar investment fund to a human rights activist Browder recounts this life journey in a lot of detail describing his own background and the worlds in which he found himself As a oung graduate of the Stanford business school in the late 1980s he decided that he would enter into the newly available Russian investment market His strategy was to buy shares of under valued newly privatized companies and to make them available to foreign investors He made a tremendous amount of money for himself and for others and he also made many enemies in Russia because he made so much money and also had a tendency to sniff out and call attention to serious cases of corruption Ultimately this success and bullishness led to his expulsion from Russia and to the torture and death of his lawyer who refused to provide false evidence against Browder and his fund The Russia Browder depicts is corrupt and brutal and part of his point is that things are not very different from the days of communism I found all of fascinating and chilling I also have a days of communism I found all of this and chilling I also have a who does business in Russia who tells me that the world Browder describes is dead on What irked me about the book was Browder s unabashed self aggrandizement and lack of self reflection There is no recognition that there was nothing noble about going to Russia in the early 1990s to capitalize on its newly open market and that Browder s own troubles essentially come from his attempt to earn piles of money on the back of the Russians lack of experience in a free market The corrupt oligarchs and politicos in Russia have no higher moral ground to claim but all involved including Browder were motivated by some pretty over the top greed Again it s an interesting book and it reveals a very chilling side of contemporary Russia but I struggled to feel sympathy for Browder although I certainly felt a tremendous amount of sympathy for his lawyer and all who were physically threatened or exiled as a result of the events depicted in the book A note on the audio The narrator s voice is engaged and easy to listen to but it does come across as arrogant which may explain some of my reservation about the book The very last chapter is narrated by Browder himself and I found his own voice much sympathetic. Pre trial detention where he was tortured for a ear On November 16 2009 he was led to an isolation chamber handcuffed to a bedrail and beaten to death by eight guards in full riot gear Browder glimpsed the heart of darkness and it transformed his life he embarked on an unrelenting uest for justice in Sergei's name exposing the towering cover up that leads right up to Putin A financial caper a crime thriller and a political crusade Red Notice is the story of one man taking on overpowering odds to change the wor. ,

Anker We revel then when he sets off on his own scaring up seed money and taking chances Browder also shares his personal life his expensive and often working vacations including resort names which allowing us a little vicarious vacationing ourselves If Browder s gee whiz writing style began to grate a little by the end and become a little less believable coming from a much older and wiser billionaire I put it down to his awareness of his role in creating the disaster that resulted in the need for the Magnitsky Act There may be something inherently corrupting about making vast amounts of money albeit perfectly legally by exploiting the discrepancies in unfair or exploitative valuations as a result of societal and political dislocations There appears to be no shortage of real oppression in Russia today and laws have not been robust enough to protect people from exploitation It looks like a place where we can see naked human nature on display I thank Browder for the introduction This stunningly good book is authored by a world class trader who when he loses a friend to imprisonment torture and death from Putin s regime goes all out slowly deliberately to avenge his friend The trader is Bill Browder the friend is Sergei Magnitsky and the story is a true one This makes the book compelling than even the best fictional thriller Putin s lack of conscience is no act et Browder describes a president and a now secretary of state who naively want to pursue a reset with this coldest of killersThe only thing and it is the most minor of points is that Browder calculates Gazprom s natural gas value on a basis euivalent to oil which it is notRed Notice is a story of brave men and women acting honorably in a shifting lawless country It provides phenomenal insight into current day Russia I don t have time to review this book properly In a nutshell I was fascinated by the first half of it all about the author learning to become a hedge fund manager and his experiences in Russia and the highs and the lows of that experience These included him getting immensely tangled in the often corrupt jungle that is the Russian business world taking on some of the oligarchs and some of the major companies on the Russian scene like Gazprom At first Putin welcomed his interventions but after a while he didn tand then things got very nastyI skim read the latter half of the book which was focused on the trumped up legal wrangles concerning his Russian company and the prosecution torture and death of his lawyer Bill Browder has spent several ears of his life trying to bring his lawyer s dreadful treatment to the attention of the world particularly to the attention of the governing bodies in America and EuropeI would give the first half of the book 5 stars and the second half 2 starsand that very much reflects my interests not any falling off in the uality of the bookThe main reason I am posting anything here is to have a note of this talk that he gave at Oxford University It is well worth a listen It s not as long as it looks the bulk of it is A I wish Red Notice were a straightforward nonfiction account rather than the the first person memoir of Bill Browder that it is I found the story in the last half of the book compelling and heartbreaking and I wanted to go deeper into the lives and backgrounds of the other characters beyond Browder Magnitsky s family Vadim Vladimir Senator Cardin the Russian officials other Russian activists etc but was instead confined to this narrow view Along those lines I also wish the last half of the book was expanded to be the whole book The first half spends a lot of time describing Browder s early life and a lot of the events aren t incredibly necessary to get to the meat of the novel ie Browder s first marriage I just wasn t that interested in hearing all about Browder s rise to fame in the world of investment fund management My biggest issue in the novel was Browder s voice He can come off a bit holier than thou which is frustrating given his position among the wealthy and elite At times I had to roll my eyes at him because while he is a far cry from the corruption of these government officials he spent a fair amount of time indulging in the get rich uick atmosphere of post Soviet Russia himself If he had gone farther to acknowledge indulging in the get rich uick atmosphere of post Soviet Russia himself If he had gone farther to acknowledge of his own privilege that would ve helped but he can seem pretty oblivious at times The voice does get better in the last few chapters of the book I m glad that I read this book and learned about the unhinged corruption among Russia s oligarchs and government officials but Red Notice is a long slog to get to the meat of this subject A book of this topic should be focused directly on the true main characters of this issue the activists and citizens who have been unjustly imprisoned and killed like Sergei Magnitsky An excellent true account of the author s ups and downs as an investor in Putin s Russia Along the way he encounters brazen acts of embezzlement theft and even murder by this lawless kleptocracy losing his friend and lawyer Sergei Magnitsky to the agents of the rogue state A well written gripping account I could not put it down An interesting and entertaining read Only marred BY THE SELF RIGHTEOUS TONE OF AN AUTHOR BROWDER the self righteous tone of an author Browder t see beyond his own perspective After cleaning out Russia by purchasing underpriced stock and turning it around for a uick profit Once he achieved his millions he suddenly found a conscience My sympathy lies with the Russian activists and people who ve been wronged by both the. Corrupt oligarchs who were robbing the companies in which he was investing Vladimir Putin turned on him and in 2005 had him expelled from Russia In 2007 a group of law enforcement officers raided Browder's offices in Moscow and stole 230 million of taxes that his fund's companies had paid to the Russian government Browder's attorney Sergei Magnitsky investigated the incident and uncovered a sprawling criminal enterprise A month after Sergei testified against the officials involved he was arrested and thrown into. ,

I was vaguely aware of this story as it related to Putin and his ban of US adoptions of Russian orphans back in 2012 but never really knew the detailsThe title does a very good job of breaking down the arc of the book with the first section concentrating on Browder his schooling and how he ended up in Russia The most fascinating part was discovering that Browder s grandfather was the leader of the American Communist Party and ran for president on the communist ticket in 1936 and 1940 Both of his parents were academics and his older brother entered the PhD program in physics at the age of nineteen Bill on the other hand had little interest in academics and chose his boarding school based on his interest in skiing He continued to rebel while in boarding school and his parents ended up sending him to doctors counselors and psychiatrists Then toward the end of high school it hit me I would put on a suit and tie and become a capitalist Nothing would piss my family off than thatHe still had an interest in Russia stemming back to his grandfather and through a series of jobs ends up in the wild west of the Russian conversion from communism to capitalism For a time he and his Hermitage Group were the largest foreign investors in Russia Then the story starts to turn as Browder and his employees discover and expose massive instances of fraud and corruption not only with the oligarchs but also in the Russian government After a few early successes the tides turn and now he and his company start to be targeted by the police and various criminal elements Browder himself is kicked out of the country and harassment of his employees still in Russia continues In fact it increases to the point that several of his people have to sneak out of the country for fear of arrest This whole section culminates with the death in prison of one of his lawyers Sergei MagnitskyFeeling crushed and responsible Browder turns his efforts to seeking justice for the death of Magnitsky The rest of the book follows these effortsThis was a very uick read for me it was paced like a fiction thriller and at times almost brought me to tears as I thought about Mr Magnitsky what he went through in prison as the authorities tried to force him to recant charges he had filed against them and the courage to refuse to change his stance or supply false statements about his co workers It is heartbreaking to think about the hopes everyone had for Russia and to realize that after these past several decades very little seems to have changed for the average Russian citizen Bill Browder has a fascinating tale to tell of his family background as the grandson of a noted Communist of his math whiz father and mother of his physicist brother He was the black sheep of the familyuntil he became a billionaire in his thirties by investing in undervalued Russian oil stocks His first foray into Russia to advise the Murmansk Trawler Fleet on privatization must go down in the annals as a classic of West meets East The Whole Story Of The whole story of s rise to wealth with its moments of terrifying vertigo as markets collapsed with the Asian economic crisis in 1997 is propulsive and gripping But was to come and no one could imagine the way the saga unfoldedA red notice is issued by Interpol for the provisional arrest and extradition of an individual for whom an arrest warrant has been issued in the reuesting country Russia reuested a red notice from Interpol with regard to Bill Browder charging him a red notice from Interpol with regard to Bill Browder charging him absentia with tax evasion among other crimes including the murder of Sergei Magnitsky a Browder lawyer who perished in a Russian jail after medical interventions were withheld This book tells the story of how Magnitsky s oppressors became international pariahs had their US based assets frozen and visas revoked or refused a result of The Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act passed in the United States in December 2012Browder s Hermitage Capital Management hedge fund still operates though after his expulsion from Russia Browder was obliged to expand his investment purview opening Hermitage Global which focused on emerging markets Hermitage Capital Management almost from its inception was an activist fund which exposed criminal wrongdoing by majority shareholders in undervaluing or stealing company assets in order to allow profits to flow to corrupt bureaucrats and their businessmen partners Browder would purchase a minority share in a often large oil company and then expose how the shares were undervalued prompting many investors to jump into the market for the shares enriching Browder One ear Browder paid 230 million in income taxes to the Russian state on 13 billion in profits It is just this sum which was later the subject of Russia s state investigationPutin and his circle including Medvedev are implicated in Browder s Story Though Browder Shows How Putin Was Initially Outraged At though Browder shows how Putin was initially outraged at theft of assets from state coffers back at the beginning of Browder s hedge fund successes Actually the whole setup the issuing of vouchers to every Russian for ownership of state assets is a fascinating history that reuires further investigation This compelling story of Browder and Magnitsky does what good nonfiction is meant to do it makes Convaincre en moins de 2 minutes you hungry for depth history info on Putin Pussy Riot and Russia itselfBrowder s writing is best in the beginning when he tells of his early interest in East European stocks and how he came to look at the investment banking scene It is pure Michael Lewis style disbelief at the life of a Wall Street A real life political thriller about an American financier in the Wild East of Russia the murder of his principledoung tax attorney and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin's corruptionBill Browder's journey started on the South Side of Chicago and moved through Stanford Business School to the dog eat dog world of hedge fund investing in the 1990s It continued in Moscow where Browder made his fortune heading the largest investment fund in Russia after the Soviet Union's collapse But when he exposed the. Red Notice A True Story of High Finance Murder and One Man’s Fight for Justice