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Under the WireRkable fascinating book that shines a spotlight on that small rare breed Of Soldiers Who Were soldiers who were to take extraordinary risks for the sake of freedom I hope they make this into a movie and I d o so far to suggest it is a must read for anyone interested in WWII real life stories A superb book about a real life Steve Mcueen during World War II I was lucky enough to be superb book about a real life Steve Mcueen during World War II I was lucky enough to be a signed copy from the reat Mr Ash himself after writing to the co author after reading this reat book A classic of the enre I am trying to recall how I stumbled on this non fiction book I just did a uick search of wwwnewsfrommecom and verified Mark Evanier recommended it It took me three weeks to et through it but I am very happy I did It takes a while for me to BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. get through a book like this because it is a time in history that is so depressing for me How an entire country like Germany couldo insane and decide to slaughter half the population and take over by force the other half is sad frustrating and chilling It makes me angry It makes me hate the people who could do this They were a country fueled by hate and they tortured people as badly as any society in history although they share company with others of their ilk So enough about the backdrop of the story this is a story of a hero A true hero An ordinary person who decided he hated bullies He hated them enough to Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor give up his American citizenship and cross the boarder into Canada so he could join the war effort before the rest of his country came to their senses and realized bullies don t leave you alone just because you leave them alone The first part of the book is his life before the war the depression hit him hard enough that he became a hobo wow the next part is how he became areat fighter pilot the last half is how he became an escapologist with enough thrills and escapes that if you put them in one movie nobody would believe it He is obviously the model for the Steve Mcueen character in the Great Escape although in point of fact that was one escape he didn t take part in This is a five star book of a five star person Read this whenever you want to put your life in perspective AND REALIZE HOW AMAZING WE HAVE realize how amazing we have Read this whenever you want to remind yourself for as many bullies and evil empires as the Nazis there are heroes and survivors like William Ash A hard read for people like me A must read for everyone Under the Wire is told in sections 1 depression era hobo jungle 2 joining the RCAFair strikes 3 herosheroines of the French resistance 4 1942 45 life in prison camps America was strictly isolationist and if you signed up in Canada you forfeited your USA citizenshipWilliam. E makinga riveting story of bravery by one of the last of his eneration UOTES Ashs book is full of such wit and held together with the sort of wry adventure story that begs to be immortalized on film as a cross between Tom Jones and The Great Escape Metro News Toronto 4 of 5 stars A remarkable story Toronto Sta. ,

He Gestapo and sentenced to death as a spy was sent to a succession of POW camps in Occupied Europe from which He Escaped On A Regular escaped on a regular becoming on I didn t expect to like this book but I did It details the Second World war experiences of a Texan born in 1917 who joined the Royal Air Force in 1940 and flew Spitfires before being shot down in 1942 and becoming an inveterate escaper from POW camps Because of his nationality freuent long spells in solitary confinement following escape attempts and close friendship with several of the Great Escape escapers he has been offered as a possible model for the Steve Macueen character in the film However he was not involved in that oneActually the real story is fascinatingThere are lots of things I didn t know For example how amazingly casual they were about life and death wandering around occupied Paris working as a farm labourer all while on the run then being in the hands of the Gestapo And about the death marches at the end He comes across as incredibly likeable British officers don t always and it s a wonderful story I m lad to say he s still alive aged 95 and lives in England I approached this book as a courtesy to the author whose service in World War II deserved in my opinion some attention What a marvelous surprise and delight to find it an entirely engrossing well told story of several slices of American History some of which are not often told While the main story chronicles Bill Ash s experience flying Spitfire fighter planes for the RAF his day of reckoning when he was shot down and his remarkable experiences hiding from the Nazis in occupied Europe and then after captivity his numerous escape attempts other aspects of the story were very interesting too escape attempts other aspects of the story were very interesting too 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, grew up in Depression era Texas with a spirit of wanderlust and adventure As a youth he joined the transient hobo community hopping trains and learning to survive with uick wits creativity and courage Little did he know how well this would prepare him for his experience as an escape artist from Nazi prisonsUnlike many WWII books that recount the horrors of prison camp and the brutality of the enemy Ash and his co author Brendan Foley have opted for an emphasis on the spirit and resourcefulness of Ash and his fellow prisoners and their ability to find humor even in the midst of their terrible situation The author s observations about the changing behavior of the Germans as the warot closer to the end was also very interesting The voice of this book was enuine and honest Brendan Foley has undoubtedly worked wonders with his journalism skills and his excellent telling of Bill Ash s story This is a rema. To capture and torture by the Gestapo imprisonment in the Great Escape camp Stalag Luft III and years spent becoming a serial escape artist this is the wartime memoir of a true hero a real life Cooler King Recounted in a wonderfully honest and self deprecating voice William Ashs Under the Wire is a classic in th. Despite the fact that this will be the third posting of the year for me this was actually the first book that I read in 2013 and it may very well be the best book that I will read all yearWilliam Ash now age 95 and his co author Brendan Foley have created an immensely readable very enjoyable story about young Bill Ash an American who joined the Brits in fighting the Nazis by flying a Spitfire a fighter plane before America even joined the warAsh begins his story by telling about the difficulties of rowing up in the Great Depression in Texas Somehow he managed to Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines get a college degree even though there were no jobs to be found for this new collegerad So he hit the road riding trains traveling the country and living in hobo camps One day he heard that the Canadians were looking for fighter pilots to send to Engl World War II has always been one of my favorite reading topics probably because I was born just a few months after the war ended I ve read hundreds of books about the war and some of the most compe An interesting WWII story by Ash an excellent writer Of interest to me is that time at the end of the war When There Was No there was no no one was in charge there was no infrastructure no food distribution system in place and all the people in Europe soldiers farmers prisoners children the wounded had to survive I think we should pay attention to that period of no law to see what people have done and can do An amazing memoir about a serial escapologist from German POW camps during WWII Bill Ash escaped a dozen times from terrible conditions and tragic experiences yet maintained his compassion humor and humanity Beautifully written and full of hope in times of despair A Brilliant Book again demonstrating that Fact is stranger than FictionAt the time of this writing William Ash is 95 his story is told with the ifted aid of Brendan Foley who just happens to be writing the screenplay for the film that has been option that will make this incredible story a thriller of filmFrom the advanced information about the release of this book comes the following information that in many ways summarizes the book well Born in Dallas in 1917 WILLIAM ASH worked his way through school and college during the Great Depression raduating from the University of Texas at Austin to the heights of elevator during the Great Depression THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy graduating from the University of Texas at Austin to the heights of elevator then Hobo At the outbreak of war in Europe he rode the rails to Canada and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 A Spitfire pilot he saw action over England and France He was shot down near Calais in March 1942 and evaded the German forces for months with help from the French Resistance but was captured and badly beaten by An enthralling memoir of WWII adventure fighter pilot fugitive in Paris Gestapo prisoner and ultimately areat escape artist Bill Ashs story is unforgettable From the lean days of Depression era Texas to the thrill of being one of the few who flew Spitfires from a death defying crash landing in Occupied France. .

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