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The Hueys in It Wasn't Me

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I used to think Oliver Jeffers was of an illustrator
than a good 
a good based on Stuck which flopped for me and his A Child of Books a beautifully pictured poem than a story I do love his Hueys though They have all the similarities of the Minions but are way less annoying I m a fan of Jeffer s Hueys booksthis one is particularly cute and clever A eally easy ead for Foundation stage and KS1 I like the humour behind the story and the message it portrays This story could be very A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators relevant to the younger children as they get into lots of silly arguments that can be easily fixed Again some hilariously engaging illustrations from Jeffers Iarely ead children s books where THE THEME IS HOW TO DEAL theme is how to deal fighting amongst each other and how to solve it and it was surprising that I managed to snag a children s book that deals with such a theme For this children s book about fighting I had ead The Hueys in It Wasn t Me which is written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers and it seems to be a part of The Hueys series that Oliver Jeffers has createdThe Hueys may look the same and think the same but that does not mean that they cannot disagree on some things from time to time In this story the Hueys ended up having a huge disagreement with each other to the point where they do not emember what they were arguing about in the first place Can Gillespie the sanest Huey figure out what the other Hueys are fighting about before things get too out of handRead this book to find o Like many of us the Hueys find themselves drawn into an argument that becomes increasingly intense Bu. What's all the arguing about There are plenty of Hueys to go around in this hilarious story from a New York Times bestselling author and artistThe Hueys are back Oliver Jeffers'  egg shaped creatures may look the same think the same and even do the same things but that doesn’t mean they always agree The only problem is they can’t seem to agree on what they disagre. T who knows how the conflict started or what they are even arguing about Even that provides fodder for disagreement Gillespie solves the problem by distracting them with something else far interesting There is much to enjoy And Much To Discuss After Reading This much to discuss after eading this book and perusing its illustrations created with pencils and a bit of orange according to the information in the front matter Teachers and parents will certainly Mathruhridayam recognize themselves and their own children in the Hueys behavior Sometimes it is impossible toesolve conflicts The Hueys get so preoccupied with actually arguing they forget the initial eason why they were arguing in the first place I found this book uite an entertaining light ead on the basis of little arguments that can occur in a friendship Would be
a good book 
good book use to esolve an argument potentially between children in the class if it is about a minor issue Did you imagine that sweet little hueys will ever argue Neither did IEventually they are But what is the fight about How they are going to solve this conflict There are many factors unknown in this euation Read this to find out their solution Those oval shaped creatures known as Hueys who debuted in authorillustrator Oliver *Jeffers The Hueys in the New Sweater eturn in this second amusing picture book devoted to their adventures When *The Hueys in the New Sweater eturn in this second amusing picture book devoted to their adventures When the Huey friend who first jumped on the sweater bandwagon in the first book happens upon a group of his fellow ovals arguing his uestions about how the argument got started and what everyone is fighting about prompt embarrassed uncertaint. Ed on in the first place Which ultimately leads to an even bigger disagreement Confused Well so are the Hueys Which only adds to the fun and hilarity Anyone who has ever had to eferee an argument among siblings or friends will appreciate the absurdity Oliver Jeffers eveals in the every day trials of getting along Oliver Jeffers is the New York Times bestselling author
Code Name Verity
Y Then when he asks if anyone wants to see a dead fly all differences are forgottenLike its predecessor The Hueys in It Wasn t Me makes for an entertaining *READING EXPERIENCE AS THE FUNNY LITTLE *experience as the funny little so very human despite their oval shape demonstrate that sometimes arguments have a life of their own and seem to spring up naturally and progress without any eal cause save humanoval nature Jeffers brief story highlights the fact that ecognizing this can lead to a cessation of hostilities Especially humanoval nature Jeffers brief story highlights the fact that ecognizing this can lead to
a cessation of 
cessation of Especially distraction in the form of dead flies can be provided Recommended to anyone who ead and enjoyed the first story about these odd but somehow endearing little creatures I noticed this book has very mixed Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) reviews However I absolutely loved it I think it brings a message that is so important in life that when people get angry and annoyed it is easy toemain that way and lose what the argument was about Gillespie comes along and Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl reminds the Hueys that they are arguing for noeason making them stop and Défendre Jacob realise how silly it was The illustrations have a human feel to them but nothing tooealistic giving connection to the story for the eader in a way that doesn t make it too personal Would be a good book to use if there are lots of friendship problems or arguments within your class A uirky story that would eally make the younger years laugh The illustrations are engaging and fit Black Gold in North Dakota really well with the storyline The story explains how arguments can often be very silly and that we can solve themeally easily if we try which is an important message to put across to KS1 classes. F Stuck The Incredible Book Eating Boy Lost and Found How to Catch a Star Up and Down The Heart in the Bottle which is also a highly acclaimed iPad app narrated by Helena Bonham Carter and many His books have won numerous awards including the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize Gold Award the Blue Peter Book of the Year and the Irish Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year.

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