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Fan of established relationships so I had to wait till I was in the mood to accept a low key Tibbs story When I ot to epilogue of this 180000 word tale Tony and Gibbs are still not what I d describe as a couple who are 100% comfortable with loving someone And even though Tony s serious injuries they are seriously bad forces Gibbs to be demonstrative about his love for his senior agent Tony himself is still rather inhibited The third installment if it Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago gets written will definitely need to address this aspect of the Tibbs relationship though this is just my opinion as a diehard Tibbs fan The author does not label the work as a romance but as crimedrama instead so shehe could very well decide to keep the two men the way they areSpeaking of drama poor Liz Templeton The author must detest her I don t even know if she s a character from the tv series or one the author made up I don t know if Tutncleo s other Tibbs stories areood for the GibbsDiNozzo romance or sex but I ll o check a couple out I m happy enough though to have ended 2012 with this book and #started 2013 finishing it. Kes place seven years after that bookPairing GibbsDiNozzoRated M English DramaCrime Chapters 31 #2013 finishing it. Kes place seven years after that bookPairing GibbsDiNozzoRated M English DramaCrime Chapters 31 1845. ,

A Friend in Need Discovered Undercover #2Ink it s so much the #HALF DRESSED THAT HER #dressed bit that boggled but that anyone could be relaxing in Gibbs presenceThe story revolves around the of key executives of Fortune 500 companies in which several FBI agents are injured or killed One of them escape and oes to Ziva for help Ziva take her FBI friend in need Courtney to Gibbs for help and on how to proceed next NCIS ends up involved when one of the abductees turns out to be the wife of a Marine It also looks like there s a leak in the FBI so all the NCIS is needed The investigation action thread never lets up so this was a firm page turner for me My attention was caught right to the end where I realized that while the arc for this preuel is complete the story is not as the mastermind Phelps and one of his accomplices Sylvia are still at largeThe Tibbs romance is very understated in this seuel so I wouldn t rec this story to those who are Tibbs newbies It took me eight months after the preuel to read this seuel once I found out it wasn t romance centered and takes place 7 years into the Tibbs relationship I m not N a kidnapping syndicate This is the second story set in the same universe as Discovered Undercover and ta. What a seuel I was very impressed #By It For A Fanfic The Author #it For a fanfic the author had me thinking heshe put a whole lot effort into the details than professional writers The latter should read this fanfic just to see how a romantic suspense story should be doneI d enjoyed the preuel Discovered Undercover but I mentioned in my review of that book that Gibbs and Tony s relationship wasn t a secret I m puzzled by that because Ziva finds out only at the start of this seuel and McGee much later Looks like I need to reread the seuelPand that won t be a hardship as I enjoy this author s style very muchAFiN is an action story than a romance and I thought it was excellently executed While the preuel ave me the story of how Gibbs met Tony and how they became a couple I love love love these first time Tibbs stories AFiN starts 7 years later Tony and Gibbs have been together that many years yet only Abby and Ducky know about their relationship Ziva only suspects after she drops in at Gibbs house late one night to find a *half dressed DiNozzo relaxing with Gibbs in the latter s basement I don t th. *dressed DiNozzo relaxing with Gibbs in the latter s basement I don t th. barely surviving two attempts on her life a wounded FBI agent seeks help from Team Gibbs to take dow. ,

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