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Ned unpublished until now I found "IT KIND OF IRRITATING A PENGUIN "kind of irritating A penguin havoc through his obliviousness while being bothered that nothing is happening As it is not meant to be realistic I guess I shouldn t be bothered by polar bears at the South Pole but I amIt was interesting that the rhyme scheme and some elements were much reminiscent of Dr Seuss than a typical Berenstain book It was okay but it felt like it was trying to hard to be Dr Seuss I am not a big Berenstain Bear fan but I really enjoyed this book I liked the rhyming and the beat reminding me of Dr Suess I think an early reader would enjoy the penguin who roams AROUND LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE OBLIVIOUS TO looking for adventure oblivious to danger that surrounds him which would make for some exciting stories in his new notebook Penguin gets a new journal book to write in and almost has adventures all day but doesn t Even Realize It But The Observant Reader Wil. Not realize it But the observant reader wil. Not closely enoughFrom the creators of the Berenstain Bears comes a storybook filled with adventure for al. A terrible idea and that there were simply too many children s stories about bears already The Berenstains took his advice and began work on a new book called Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole In this story a penguin receives a blank book and sets out to find adventures to write about in his book He daydreams about exciting things that could happen as he walks Through the illustrations readers see his wish coming true but the penguin remains oblivious to the action in the background At the close of his day readers see the penguin make his first journal entry NOTHING HAPPENED HERE TODAY By the time the Berenstains finished writing Nothing "Ever Happens At The South "Happens at the South word came back from the Random House sales staff that the The Big Honey Hunt was a hit The Berenstains continued writing their famous Berenstain Bears series and their second manuscript went into their files where it remai. When one penguin goes looking for adventure he doesn't see anything exciting at all going on Could it be he's just. Obliviou penguin narrowly escapes several close encounters with mortality This was a funny little book The kids did point out encounters with mortality This was a funny little book The kids did point out that there are NOT Arctic wolves polar bears or walruses in Antarctica D I actually could read this than once Delightful read aloud I felt like I had to finish the lesson the book started Good premise but the book itself did not deliver Novelist Pre Kindergarten 2 4 8 earsThe rhyming scheme felt off Overall this book was a real disappointment The illustrations are entertaining and cute but the writing is really lacking The rhythm and rhyme are both strained The story behind the book s creation however was very interesting After their first book The Big Honey Hunt was published in "1962 STAN AND JAN BERENSTAIN WERE "Stan and Jan Berenstain were by their editor theodor seuss geisel dr seuss their editor Theodor Seuss Geisel Dr Seuss to write another book featuring the bears He told them that writing a series was. There's a lot going on at the South Pole There are slippery slopes and frozen floes and wild animals all around But.

CHARACTERS Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole

Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole