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The Song of Homana Chronicles of the Cheysuli Book 2

Jennifer Roberson ☆ 5 characters

Er again Especially when armed with the knowledge that the writing improves with each book though when I was younger the rather simple style never bothered me The Chronicles of the Cheysuli series is the first fantasy epic I read In fact it s one of the few series I read repeatedly ikely due to my young age and L'Europe et le mythe de l'Occident limitediterary horizonsNevertheless these books shaped my first views on philosophy religion sexuality racism and sexism The responsible way Roberson handles these issues shaped my first views on philosophy religion sexuality racism and sexism The responsible way Roberson handles these issues inspiring and commendable On returning to read these books in Calvinists Incorporated Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier University of Chicago Geography Research Papers later years some of the characters and plot devices appear hackneyed and cliched and some of themes aren t exactly as I remember them But still these stories provided the scaffolding on which I built myiterary future The storytelling has improved over that in Shapechangers Namely the characters don t tend to be nearly as irrational There is now some consistency in their mannerisms and behaviours The scope of the world being created by Jennifer Roberson is continue to expand as new realms and politics are brought to ight If there is to be a negative comment with this story it would be the speed with which conflict is resolved eg Tynstar in Homana Mujhar freeing Alix from Valgaard even the finding of Alix within the entirety of Valgaard Carillon and Finn have returned to Homana after a five year exile to attempt to reclaim the throne taken from him by Bellam of Solinde and Tynstar of the Ihlini To do so Carillon and Finn must amass an army of both Homanans and Cheysuli a difficult task given the prejudices of both Carillon must also save his sister and mother Who Are Both Held are both held by Bellam but he is given the opportunity when his soldiers capture Electra Bellam s daughter and Tynstar s ight woman Will Carillon and his army of Cheysuli and Homanans defeat Bellam and Tynstar and again claim Homana as their rightful home and will there be any repercussions from capturing Electra Find out by reading this exciting seuel to Shapechangers Like the original I really enjoyed this book Carillon is no onger the naive prince of Homana but a grown man worthy of reclaiming the throne and taking his place in the prophecy Alix and Duncan now have a young son Donal who is also of great importance to the prophecy This installment in the Chronicles of the Cheysuli also gives us a ot of Tynstar the eader of the magical Ihlini who have a much greater role in future books Readers of the sci fi *Genre As Well As Readers Who Enjoy *as well as readers who enjoy books will enjoy this series while romance readers will enjoy the story ine involving Alix and Duncan that was so prominent in the first book Carillon returns from exile with his Cheysuli right hand man with the aim of gathering supporters to help him regain his throne Along the way he finds it hard to decide who he should trust other than the men who were in captivity with him and his Cheysulis supporters They all go through some difficult up times especially when up against the Ileni sorcerer who has enraptured the current usurper King on the thron. E Cheysuli to their rightful position of grace and claim his birthright To do this he would not only have to raise an army but overcome the fear and prejudice of an ignorant population and answer the call of a prophecy he never chose to ser. .
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Is book Alix is irritating I actually iked her in the first book but in this book she s incredibly stubborn kind of dumb and super in the first book but in this book she s incredibly stubborn kind of dumb and super Duncan is sexist unyielding and boring Finn is a perpetual teenage would be rapist until he stops and then he s just kind of mopey since he has no one to bang until he Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing leaves Carillon after his oath blood pledge to be hiseige man Carillon is bland and dumb and extremely snobby Rowan and Lachlan are actually okay if still also caricatures Finn is replaced by Donal and the ending concludes with hope for Carillon and Homana because Donal pledges to carry on the broken promises to serve Carillon by his uncle and his fatherIt seemed to drag on for too Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Victorian Naturalist Mycologist Teacher and Eccentric long but still I read the whole book I guess I just had to know how it ended I don t plan on reading book three Book 2 takes place from Carillon s point of view and I really enjoyed the shift in perspective from Alix to Carillon Finn remains one of my favorite characters though I don t think I admired him as much when I was younger Even though it has been over 10 years since I ve read these books some of the storylines are coming back to me as I m reading But it has beenong enough that I am enjoying the story once again I wish I could get these on my nook so I could recycle my old copies that are yellowed and beginning to fall apart Guess that s what happens when you move every 2 3 years It s better than the first book but that s not exactly a high bar to set I have a theory ok my wife has a theory that the biggest problem in movies is that white people don t talk to each other In this book they re all talking but no one is The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia listening The dialogue is slightlyess stilted probably because the two main characters are both men so there s no one to talk down to For that alone I m on team Electra Yeah she s a sorcerous bitch but she never claimed to be anything else When I first read this in high school I always thought Finn and Carillon were secret homos The subtext reads true as an adult too Bonus I m not usually a fan of descriptions of clothing and appearance but the women s wardrobe is pretty dope Lots of braids and bejeweled girdles and kilted skirts and tall boots Action oriented but still fly Why is braids and bejeweled girdles and kilted skirts and tall boots Action oriented but still fly Why is such a good writerRoberson has a way a pulling your heart strings Love all her books This second novel in Roberson s Cheysuli Chronicles series is a The Origin of Feces lot stronger than the first Shapechangers The focus shifts from Alix to Carillon and it is through his eyes that this seuel unfolds The pacing rushes past a few details but overall this is an exciting novel and a much fuller one than its predecessor in the series Tynstar s villainy steals the show a bit and the scope of the setting widens with descriptions of otherands in Roberson s universe The very memorable Electra joins the story here and pieces of the all important prophecy come into playRe reading this series for the first time as an adult has been a Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution lot of fun so far Though it isn t as exciting as when I first devoured them it is fun to experience these events unfold all ov. Erparts the sorcerous Ilhini The time had come for Prince Carillon Homana's rightful ruler to return from exile with his Cheysuliiege man free his and from the evil dominantion of the tyrant Bellam and his villainous magicians restore th. ,

I rather struggled with this one and I don t know why It s still a good book and I definitely enjoyed it especially in the second half but I got stuck for a while in the middle I was enjoying it while I read it but not rushing to pick it up again Once I did settle back into it which seemed to be helped by a bit of skipping ahead and then going back to read properly I was very pleased to do so and got it finished in the ast few daysLike the other 70s and 80s books I ve been rereading it s frustratingly male The protagonist is male most of been rereading it s frustratingly male The protagonist is male most of characters are male and all the female characters that are there are there to be related to a man There s also a huge focus on heirs and women having children which I acknowledge is unavoidable when the thrust of the series is to work through generations to a specific descendant and that is also all in relation to men not the women themselvesI remember I wasn t bowled over by this one when I first read it either going from Alix as the protagonist even in relation to men to Carillon who hadn t impressed me greatly in the first book bothered me 30 years ago and he s still far from a favourite character nowThe first half was definitely better than the first and I am keen to keep on with the series now where for a while there I was considering giving upI do remember the series as a whole as being set up that terrible things often happened to the characters in each book but they did tend to have happy ives in the spaces between the books I m interested to see how "that has held up between here and the start of Legacy of the Sword and " has held up between here and the start of Legacy of the Sword and I feel about Donal in that book I do remember iking him than I did CarillonI m still way behind the Torcom reread but I shall continue to chug along at the back There were a few engaging parts in this novel Carillon s voice narrating the story was a switch from Alix s and took me a while to adjust to his perspective Too many of the women Alix Electra and Torrey were impregnated by TynstarSome surface things change Alix mostly accepts her heritage Carillon grows older and becomes king but no one ever fundamentally changes Oh except Finn Who By The Second Book Finally Stops Trying To who by the second book finally stops trying to Alix What a terrible character Even after she becomes wife of the clan Il metodo dell'ovulazione. Atlante leader Duncan his own brother he continues to call her the Cheysuli euivalent of whore all the time to her face And we are supposed to LIKE him There is a very myopic view of the world For example we have two mainocations in these books the Cheysuli Keep and the Homanan palace Both are places where the main characters With Krishna's Eyes live and spend aot of time but somehow we don t know anyone else who Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique lives there Not only do we not know their names but they re barely even mentioned as being present It s almost Twilight Zone esue where is everybody Roberson has some okay physical descriptions of people sooks clothes and immediate surroundings but she doesn t seem to know how to Yoga in the Workplace look around and describe the world and its people besides her few main characters None of these characters are veryikable in th. For five L'ORTHOGRAPHE FACILE - ORTHOGRAPHE D'USAGE, REGLES GRAMMATICALES, HOMONYMES, DICTIONNAIRE ORTHOGRAPHIQUE long years theand of Homana had been strangling in the grasp of a ursurper king its people ravaged by strife poverty and despair; its magical race the Cheysuli forced to flee or face extermination at the hands of their evil count.