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Loxitane is related to the class of so called a tricyclic antipsycotics. It is used for schizophrenia treatment.

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    Loxitane (Loxapine)

    Usage indications

    Loxitane is related to the class of so called a tricyclic antipsycotics.  It is used for schizophrenia treatment.

    Missed doses

    During single miss of doze Loxitane intake, it is necessary to take the doze as soon as possible. If the time of missed doze intake corresponds to the time of next doze intake the drug intake should be missed. The double dosage is prohibited for intake.


    Store Loxitane at room temperature of   68 - 77 F degrees (20 - 25  С degrees).  Keep away from the sources of heat, humidity and light. Do not store at bath room.  Keep Loxitane away from children and pets.


    Inform your doctor on  your medical history such as allergy, psychic problems, heart problems, glaucoma,  difficult urination or risk factors for difficult urination, Parkinson disease, mammary gland cancer, stomach blocking or spasms, the intake of any drugs sold with or without prescription, vegetal preparations or food add-ons, pregnancy, plans to get pregnant, breast feeding, alcohol abuse, illness or weakness.

    Do not use Loxitane  in case if you are allergic to it or any of its components, you take sodium oxybate, you have serious problems with central neural system, coma or sedation condition.

    Over dosage

    The over dosage symptoms include decreased urination, breathing problems, uncontrolled muscles movements, fainting, spasms; heavy or constant giddiness.  Be sure to contact your doctor immediately in case of drug over dosage.

    Side effects

    The most widespread side effects are constipations, blurred vision, giddiness, sleepiness, mouth dryness, head ache, vomiting, stuffiness in nose, sleep problems, weight increase.
    among heavy side effects are heavy allergic reactions, chest constraint, mouth face, lips or tongue edema); agitation, mental capacities change including reaction absence, shivering and constant sore throat, blurred consciousness; dark urine, fainting or weakness, quick or irregular heart beat, hyperactivity,  increased saliva production, increased thirst, uncontrolled muscle movements;  menstrual changes, mood changes, muscle spasms, skin dumbness or tingling, agitation, attacks, short breath, heavy constipations, unclear speech, muscles rigidity, perspiring, tremor or unexplained fever, vision changes, eyes or skin yellowing.

    Be sure to contact your doctor in case if any of the following symptoms concern you.


    We provide only general information about drugs not covering all precautions. Agree any special instruction with your doctor.  We are not liable for this information authenticity and the mistakes it might contain.  We are not liable for any direct indirect, special losses due to  the usage of information this site contains and self treatment consequences.

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