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Lisinopril is used for the treatment of increased blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency.

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    Usage indications

    Lisinopril is used for the treatment of increased blood pressure and cardiac insufficiency.

    Application mode

    Lisinopril should be taken at the doses, recommended by your doctor. Lisinopril is taken during  meal or afterwards. Lisinorpil should be taken at the same time every day to keep constant level of drug in blood. Lisinopril should not be taken within two hours after antacides intake, as they block the  drug absorption.

    Mechanism of action

    Lisinopril is an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. Angiotensin is a chemical that is made by the body continuously. It narrows blood vessels and thereby maintains (elevates) blood pressure. When the enzyme is blocked by lisinopril, angiotensin cannot be converted into its active form. As a result, blood pressure falls.

    Interestingly, lisinopril and other ACE inhibitors were developed from the venom of a poisonous Brazilian snake.

    Missed doses

    During single miss of doze intake, it is necessary to take the doze as soon as possible. If the time of missed doze intake corresponds to the time of next doze intake the drug intake should be missed. The double dosage is prohibited for intake.


    Lisinopril should be stored at dry place at the temperature of 15-30 C degrees (59-86 F degrees).


    Be extremely cautious during driving, manufacturing equipment operation and performance of other dangerous activities. Lisinopril can cause giddiness or sleepiness. Avoid dangerous activities and inform your doctor if you feel giddiness or sleepiness.  Be cautious as well when standing up or lying down.  Mind, being cautious when drinking alcohol. Alcohol can increase sleepiness or giddiness during lisinopril intake. Moreover, alcohol can decrease blood pressure, increase giddiness and sleepiness. Be sure to consult your doctor  before using salt or  potassium add-ons during lisinopril intake.

    Perspiring, vomiting, diarrhea or other reasons prompting liquid loss can cause blood pressure level significant decrease and cause giddiness and fainting during treatment with lisinopril. Make sure to drink sufficient amount of liquid for dehydration prevention and the side effects related to it.  The first intake of lisinopril and other APF inhibitor should be done under doctor’s observance in case of diuretics intake.  Such patients might encounter significant blood pressure drop (though it is unusual). In general lisinopril shoud not be taken together with potassium add-ons and potassium saving diuretics( Dyazide) as the potassium level in blood can increase to dangerous level. Lisinopril should not be taken during pregnancy.

    Side effects

    Be sure to ask for urgent medical help in case of the following allergic reaction signs:  nettle rash, heavy stomach pain, breathing difficulties, face, lips, tongue or throat edema.  Contact your doctor immediately in case you any of the following serious side effects:

    • giddiness, faintings;
    • changed  urination level or urination absence;
    • high temperature, shivering,  body ache, flu symptoms;
    • tiredness, muscle  weakness, irregular heart beat;
    • chest pain
    • edemas, quick weight increase.

      Less serious side effects can be the following:

    • cough;
    • giddiness, sleepiness, head ache;
    • depression
    • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset
    • mild skin itching or rash.

    Additional information

    Your doctor can provide you with additional information on lisinopril.

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