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Lamisil is an antifungal agent that is used for the treatment of onychomycosis of toe or finger nails due to dermatophytes.

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  • Safety information
  • Side effects
  • Drug title

    Lamisil (Terbinafine)

    Usage indications

    This drug is used for fungi diseases of nails

    Application mode

    Take this drug on doctor's recommendation only Study  drug manual carefully to select exact dose.
    Lamisil is for oral intake

    This drug is usually taken within 6-`12 weeks depending on patient's condition. Maximum effect can be achieved within several months after drug intake stop, as this period is required for healthy nail growth

    You have to take complete course of drug Do not stop taking the drug even if  you feel better

    Drug class and mechanism of action

    Lamisil is  antifungal drug

    Missed doses

    If you miss Floxin during its regular intake take missed doze as soon as possible If it has happened during   the time for next doze intake avoid missed doze and follow usual schedule  Double dosage intake is prohibited


    Store Lamisil at room temperature of 25°С (77°F), keep away from heat and light, children and home pets. Do not store at bathroom.


    Lamisil intake is prohibited in case of allergy on any of its components, kidney or liver diseases.
    Consult your doctor immediately in case of contraindications
    Be sure to inform your doctor on the following factors which can influence drug efficiency

    • pregnancy, plans to get pregnant and breast feeding
    • intake of any drugs sold with or without prescription, vegetable preparations or food add-ons
    • allergy to drugs, food or other agents
    • kidney diseases, lupus, psoriasis, alcohol and other abuses
    • weakened immune  system

     Some medications can interact with Lamisil. Be sure to inform your doctor on the following drugs intake:

    • Cimetidine as the preparation increases the risk of Lamisil side effects
    • Rifampicine as this drug decreases Lamisil efficiency
    • Anti- arrhythmic drugs ( flekainide, propaferon),  beta- blockers ( metopromol),  monoaminoxydase inhibitors B type (МАО-В) ( selegiline), selective inhibitors of serotonine back capture (SISBC) ( fluoxetine or tricyclic antidepressant - amitripiline) as their efficiency in combination with Lamisil can be decreased and the risk of side effects will arise.
    • Anti coagulants (varpharine) as their efficiency in combination with Lamisil can be decreased and the risk of side effects will arise

    Side effects
    Any medical preparation can cause side effects but most of the people do not feel their influence. Be sure to consult your doctor in any of the most widespread side effects persists for a long time:

    • Diarrhea, head ache, stomach upset, changed taste

    Be sure to contact your doctor immediately in case if any of the following serious side effects occur:

    • heavy allergic reactions (rash, nettle rash, breathing difficulties, chest constraints, mouth, face, lips or tongue edema, unusual hoarseness), red, shell or swollen skin, blisters, infection symptoms (fever, shivering, sore throat), liver disfunction symptoms (dark urine, loss of appetite, pale stool, stomach pains); unexplained constant vomiting, unusual tiredness, nausea, yellow skin or eyes, unusual bruises or bleeding, vision changes.

    Additional information

    Be sure to consult  your doctor or pharmaceutist in case you have any questions. Take this drug on doctor's recommendation only. Consult your doctor in case of symptoms non -improvement or getting worse.

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