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Lamictal is used for the treatment of some attacks type in combination with other anti epileptic drugs. It is also used for the treatment of partial epileptic attacks of patients having 16 years and older.

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  • Safety information
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    Lamiсtal (Lamotrigine)

    Usage indications

    Lamiсtal is used for the treatment of some attacks type in combination with other anti epileptic drugs. It is also used for the treatment of  partial epileptic attacks of patients having 16 years and older.

    Application mode

    Initial Lamiсtal dose for patients not taking valproic acid (Depakote) makes 50 mg a day during two weeks, and then 100 mg a day for two intakes within two weeks. Afterwards usual supporting dose makes from 300 up to 500 mg a day for two intakes. For patients taking valproic acid initial Lamiсtal dose makes 25 mg once in two days within two weeks, then 25mg once a day within two weeks. Then the dose is gradually increased up to 25-50 mg a day each one- two weeks until the dosage reaches the amount of 100-150 mg a day Lamictal standard dosage  is taken twice a day

    Drug class and mechanism of action

    Lamictal is for oral intake for spasms treatment. It is not chemically connected with other anti spasmatic drugs Drug exact mechanism of action is not known.

    Missed doses

    If you miss drug dosage during its regular intake take missed doze as soon as possible If it has happened during   the time for next doze intake avoid missed doze and follow usual schedule  Double dosage intake is prohibited


    Store at room temperature of 25°С (77°F), keep away from heat and light and children. Short term storage at the temperature of 15-30°С (59-86°F) is allowed. Bathroom storage is not recommended.


    This drug intake can sometimes cause serious (even fatal) skin  rashes. Such rashes (e.g. Stevens- Johnson syndrome) occur  more often at the children younger than 16 years, than in adults. That is why Lamictal can be prescribed only to children suffering with partial attacks or spasms related to Lennox Gasto syndrome. Be sure to contact your doctor immediately in case if rash occurs. Lamictal intake should be stopped if it caused rash. Even  after drug intake stop the risk of constant fatal scars appearance after rash stays The possibility of rash appearance can be increased due to the intake of drug bigger dose at the beginning of treatment, overdosage or the intake of valproic acid together with lamictal

    Most of fatal rashes can occur within 2-8 weeks after drug intake start Nevertheless such serious rashes can occur even after 6 month of usage Be sure to inform your doctor on other diseases, heart problems, liver or kidney disfunction, allergy (especially allergy  to drugs) Be sure to use sun protection creme and protective clothes to protect from heavy rash caused by sun light Be sure to be cautious when managing various equipment or doing the activities requiring specific attention. Stop alcohol intake during drug usage During pregnancy be sure to take this drug in case of  severe necessity This drug get to mother milk Breast feeding is not recommended during this drug usage

    Side effects

    Head ache, tiredness, sleepiness, giddiness, vision problems, weakness, clumsiness can occur during first several days after drug intake. Be sure to contact your doctor if such effects persist. Stop this drug intake in case if rash occurs and contact your doctor immediately. Be sure to contact your doctor in case if you get allergic to this drug The allergic reaction symptoms are the following: rash, itch, nettle rash, fever, glands edema, lips or face edema, painful sores in the mouth or around eyes, heavy giddiness, breathing problems

    Additional information

    Doctor's regular examination and laboratory tests are required during drug intake.

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