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Doxycycline is used for the treatment of the infections caused by some bacteria. It can be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of some ameba infections. It can also be used for the prevention or slowing down the development of anthrax.

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    Usage indications

    Doxycycline  is used for the treatment of the infections caused by some bacteria.  It  can be used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of some ameba infections.  It can also be used for the prevention or slowing down the development of anthrax.

    Application mode

    Use Doxycycline in accordance with your doctor recommendations. Follow the instruction manual indications. As a rule, Doxycycline is used in form of injections. Your doctor will teach you how to use it if you are going to use it at home. Make sure you understand the details of Doxycycline usage. Consult with your doctor in case you have any questions.
    Do not use Doxycycline if it contains particles, it is turbid or colorless, or the bottle has crackles or damages.

    Doxycycline works better if used at the same time every day.
    Take the full course of Doxycycline in order to get fully rid of the infection. Continue using it even if you feel better within  few days. If the doctor advices you to  shift to this drug inside usage consult about the details.

    Mechanism of action

    Doxycycline is tetracycline antibiotics.  It works by slowing down the bacteria growth. The bacteria growth decrease allows the organism immune system to destroy bacteria.

    Missed dose:

    If you missed the drug dose take it as soon as possible. If the time of missed dose corresponds to the time of next dose intake avoid the missed dose and return to your usual drug intake schedule. Double dosage intake is prohibited.


    Store Doxycycline at the room temperature of  68- 77 F degrees (20- 25 C degrees) in a tightly closed container.  Short term storage at the temperature of 59 - 86 F degrees (15 -30 С degrees) is not allowed. Do not store at the bathroom. Keep away from children and pets.


    Do not use Doxycycline if:

    • you are allergic to any of its components;
    • you have recently had or now obtaining live oral vaccine
    • you take acytretin, OK or penicillinnes such  as amoxycylines.

    Contact your doctor immediately if any of the following relates to you.

    Some medical preparations can interact with doxycycline. Inform  your doctor about any of the following situations:

    • pregnancy, plans to get pregnant or nursing
    • the intake of any drug sold with or without prescription, herbal or food add-ons
    • allergy to drugs, food or other agents,
    • diarrhea, stomach pain or intestinal infection, lupus, porhpyria or blood diseases

    Some drugs can interact with Doxycycline. Inform your doctor about the intake of any of the following drugs:

    • barbiturates such as fenobarbital, carbamazepin  or gidantoins such as fenitoin as they  might decrease the efficiency of Doxycycline
    • acytretin or isotretinoin as they might cause such side effects as the increase of brain blood pressure by thus causing headache and vision problems
    • anticoagulants such as varfarin, digoxyn, metohtrexat or metoxyfluran as the risk of their side effects might increase during Doxycycline intake
    • live oral vaccine against typhus, hormonal OK or penicilins such amoxycyclines as their efficiency might be decrease during Doxycycline intake

    Side effects

    Consult with your doctor if any of the following the most widespread  side effects persist or irritates:

    • appetite loss, nausea, sensitivity to sun light, vomiting.

    Inform your doctor at once if any of the following serious side effects arise:

    • serious allergic reactions (rash, nettle rash, itch, breast hardening, mouth, face, lips or tongue edema, unusual huskiness),  bloody stool,  dark urine,  decreased urination,  temperature increase, chill or sore throat, heavy diarrhea, heavy or constant headache, stomach pain or spasms, sore irritation,  swallowing difficulties, unusual bruises or bleedings, vaginal irritation or discharges, vision changes, skin or eyes yellowing.

    Additional information

    Consult with your doctor in case you have any questions about Doxycycline intake. Doxycycline should be used on doctor’s prescription only. Consult with your doctor in case of symptoms non- improvement or getting worse.

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